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This morning I sent the following letter to the Glenwood Green HOA Board.

Please read – and Please stay well,

Lyn Deardorff

To the Glenwood Green HOA Board

Cc:  Will Stanley, Property Manager

Date:  July 1, 2020

It is with deep sadness but much thought that I address this letter to you all.

As you know I have been opposed at the outset to reopening the Pool and Gym at this time from our first considerations.  I have also appealed to you recently when the COVID-19 numbers were becoming greatly elevated, and the state and national re-openings appeared to be too much, too soon.

Monday evening, it became clear to Tom and me that he may have contracted the Coronavirus, experiencing a variety of symptoms including high temperatures and body fatigue.  Late Tuesday, I arranged for him to get a test at Emory.  We will not know the results for 24-48 hours.

In any case, whether it is positive or negative.  the shock & scare of seeing this happen to someone who has observed the most strictly imaginable sheltering at home and including the use of masks, has come as a lesson to me and I believe it should be to all of us.  He has not put himself in any group or external situation outside the community to have contracted this, and we both know of no one who may have been a carrier of the virus.  This only suggests to me – and it should to you –  that with the best of precautions, the virus is still an unknown and anyone putting themselves in social, external, or other group situations may be exposing themselves to it – and may be helping to spread it as well.

Whether we are subject to lawsuits or not is not my primary concern (though it is certainly one as a Board Member who is charged with acting prudently).  It is that I am greatly concerned about the future of our Country until we contain this virus.  I believe we must take all actions now to contain it, which means not re-opening non-essential services (with even more relaxed guidelines for our pool and gym than has been recommended by our Attorney, the Department of Public Health, and others).    It has become apparent to me that the Board’s majority decision is something I consider neither “essential services” and not without potentially dangerous consequences.  I know you may see our differences as a matter of “opinion”, but I believe it’s a matter of science and prefer to stick with the conclusions of the scientists.

To that end I am therefore submitting my resignation as President & Member of the Glenwood Green Board.  I cannot support the majority decision of the Board and will not espouse it to our community.

My termination is effective immediately.  I, therefore, relinquish all duties.  If the Board wishes me to continue to send out timely Painting Project Notices to the community as your agent by way of the newsletter during and up through the next few weeks until/if you find a replacement, I will do so.

I will be sending this letter out to the residents in the next 24 hours, as I believe it is my responsibility to do so.

It has been an honor and a pleasure serving the Community.  I wish you all well.


Lyn Deardorff

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  • Rebecca N Hill

    I hope that Tom gets well soon. Please feel free to email me and Warner if you need anything. I agree with you – I don’t think now is the time to relax social distancing – things are getting worse, not better! I will miss your leadership on the HOA board. You’ve done a wonderful job.

  • Liz Schultz

    Lyn I’m with you, and Tom. You have been AWESOME, so sad to lose you as a President. Best wishes for Tom’s quickest recovery from whatever is plaguing him.

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