Agenda – HOA Board of Directors Meeting 05-19-2020

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Board of Directors Meeting May 19, 2020 – 6:30 to 8:00 pm

I.; or +1(470)8692200, 3750876929#

II. Call to Order/Establish Quorum

III. Previous Meeting Minutes (emailed)

IV. Committee Reports:
a. Architectural Committee
• Exterior Design Paint Bid Package/Paint Project
b. Landscape Committee
• Community Garden – Discussion
c. Social Committee
d. Community (SAND)
e. Clubhouse/Fitness Center Committee
• Clubroom Survey Email
f. Sustainability Committee
g. Special Projects Committee

V. Financial Reports

VI. Manager’s Report
a. Google Fiber Contractor – Agreed to Reimburse for Irrigation Repairs $1,845.00 – TBD
b. Retaining Wall Inspection Report – Complete – No Change
c. Biannual Clubhouse HVAC – Service Complete – Plan System Replacement
d. Soffit Repairs – 201, 402 – Complete
e. Trim/Caulking Repairs Complete: 2002, 2302
f. Main Line Irrigation Leak at Backflow – Scheduled Wednesday 5/20
g. Compactor Pressure Washing – Will Remind Maintenance to Clean Enclosure/Drains
h. Dog Park – Gate/Fence Repairs – Scheduled
i. Pet Station Bags Ordered
j. Paint on Asphalt Visitor Parking Dog Park – Rescheduled to Pressure Wash Paint – 5/27
k. Pool Area Repairs Complete – Shaft Seal, Ladder Cups Replaced

VII. Old & New Business
a. Detention Pond – Clearing – Davis Quote $400
b. Dog Park Mulch Options – Davis Quote $1,300
c. Pool/Fitness Center – Sanitation Guidelines/Fulton County Inspection
d. Will Stanley Out of Office – Week of June 8th

VIII. Executive Session

IX. Next Meeting Date: Tuesday, June 16, 6:30 pm

X. Adjourn

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