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Welcome to April!  Next HOA Board Meeting is Tuesday at 6:30 pm in the Clubhouse.  The Agenda is posted here on the Webpage, found under Members Area: Documents: Agenda: https://glenwoodgreen.org/april-hoa-board-meeting-agenda/.  

Past Meeting Minutes can be found under Members Area: Documents: Minutes.  Come see what’s happening – or will be happening  –  at GG!


April 18 Game Night at the Clubhouse has been postponed, due to its conflict with Easter Weekend plans for many of you.  It will be rescheduled.

April 22 – Social Committee Meeting: Every 4th Monday at 6:30 in the Clubhouse. Come join the planning fun for these and future activities.   And the committee is open to more event ideas, too.

Got these on your calendar?
May 4 – Derby Party: In the Clubhouse, Details to come.
May 18 – Movie Night at the Pool
June 1 – Summer Kick-Off Pool Party
July 4 Weekend – Pool Party

Pool Update

Good News!  As announced in our last newsletter, the Board approved two fixes/upgrades:  the Salt purification system has now been changed over from the chlorine-type system.  Bet you’ll notice the difference!  And the heating system has also been repaired.  Between this and the great amount of sun the last few days, it should begin warming up.  Officially, the pool opens April 15 which is Monday – but feel free to sneak in early.  Our pool company has it cleaned and ready, and we have obtained the City of Atlanta permit so you are legal!


Clean Up – Fix It Plans?

April brings us outside – and a lot of you are out cleaning up, fixing up your front and back areas.  Yay!  Your neighbors appreciate!  And if you have been meaning to do your own, we encourage!  Clean out that storage that’s piling up  back there, trim back the tree branches, cut out the dead plants.  You’ll be glad you did and so will those around you.  And here’s an idea for low patio maintenance:

Sharing here a picture of Laura Hedelson’s  (our Social Committee Chair) recent improvements to her back patio.  By using paving stones and smaller pebbles, Laura was able to place chairs, and avoid the mud, tree roots,  and constant renewing of the dirt area. Isn’t this stunning and low maintenance too!

Not all of us have as large a back patio as Laura but your editor just did the same thing in her  much-smaller patio area.  Frustrated with plantings that don’t grow because of too many tree roots and poor drainage, she will be using planters on top of the pebbles.  So much better!

FYI, the work for her area was done by none other than GG resident, Adam Claflin.  He not only does this kind of work but he is an experienced all-round handyman for all kinds of projects.  Soon to register for our GG Facebook page, you can contact here too on the main FB site if interested:  @adamEAVHandyman


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