April HOA Board Meeting Minutes

 In Minutes

Glenwood Green HOA
Board of Directors Meeting
Association Clubhouse
Tuesday, April 16, 201
6:30 pm


I. Call to Order/Establish Quorum at approximately 6:30pm

II. In attendance: Board Members Mark Bearden, Keith Covert, Lyn Deardorff, Michelle Dixon. Will Stanley, CMA Properties. Absent: Blake Breese.

III. Previous Meeting Minutes Approved

IV. Homeowners in attendance were given the opportunity to bring issues before the Board and other attending HOA Members.

V. Committee Reports
A. Landscape Committee – Long term landscaping plan is being developed to address maturing landscape and diminishing turf. Options are being investigated for privacy landscaping for the west side of the property, abutting the new apartment development.
B. Social Committee – The Committee is putting together Welcome Baskets and hand delivering to new residents. Planning is underway for a July 4th social.
C. Clubhouse Committee – The Board approved purchasing a small inventory of miscellaneous fitness accessories recommended for the gym.
D. Architectural Committee – Anyone interested in serving on Glenwood Green’s Architectural Committee should contact the HOA Board.

VI. Manager’s Report
A. Tree Pruning complete with exception of trees inadvertently missed around Building 300. Arbor Guard will return to complete. While on site, they will be asked to address a tree that sustained damage from a storage POD installation/removal.
B. Back Gate was replaced. Will address the condition of the lock as well as the tension/rubbing upon opening and closing.
C. New pool heater has been installed. Saline conversion is complete. The pool was officially opened on April 15th.
D. Visitor parking stenciling has been placed on hold until the pollen settles.
E. Seasonal landscaping color has been approved and installation is forthcoming.
F. Miscellaneous repairs were performed around the property to include minor gutter, roof and siding repairs.

VII. Old Business
A. Community Parking Compliance – “Visitor Only” will be stenciled on the surfaces of all visitor parking spaces and parking restrictions will be enforced.
B. Property Line fence clean-up – Landscaping Committee to include this with the current landscaping initiatives.
C. Google Fiber – No change in status.
D. Beltline Access – No change in status.
E. Detention Pond Overhaul – Quotes were reviews. Project remains on Hold.

VIII. Financial Report (3/01/19 – 3/31/19)
A. No significant variances to report. Keeping a watch on Utilities – Water/Sewer.

IX. New Business
A. Four bids were received for the capital roofing project. Two bids were eliminated due to (1) bid price not in line with other bids and (2) lack of required warranties. The Board has requested two additional bids.
B. Community yard sale has been pushed out to late summer early fall.
C. Landscape outside perimeter fencing clean-up – a suggestion was made that resident volunteers gather for a “clean-up day” to remove landscape refuse outside of the fenced areas.

X. Adjourn

Recorded by Michelle Dixon, Secretary Glenwood Green HOA Board of Directors

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