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HOA Liaison: Victor Leslie.    Email Victor at
This is a newly forming committee as of 2019. This Committee will provide information, recommendations, and concerns to the HOA Board regarding the Fitness Center, Clubroom, Mailroom & Pool.
Contact Victor if you’d like to be a member of this committee and/or have questions or recommendations.

Clubroom Rules and Regulations for Personal Resident Use:

The below are rules for a trial period to all homeowners and their guests. Clubroom open hours are 8am – 11pm. Please respect the clubroom and encourage your neighbors to exhibit good behavior as well.

1. In consideration of your fellow neighbors, please limit guests to 2 (two) per household.
2. Minors (under age 16) must be accompanied by homeowner/parent at all times while in the Clubroom.
3. Please clean all Clubroom areas used: kitchen, appliances, refrigerator, sink, stove, tables etc.
4. Please return furniture to original location.
5. No smoking or illegal substances will be allowed in the Clubroom at any time.
6. No animals/pets are allowed in the Clubroom.
7. The Clubroom will continue to be available for exclusive use for larger group functions under the existing rental guidelines. Please reference the calendar on the Glenwood Green website for scheduled reservations.
8. Please turn off all lights, TV and close all doors if you are the last person in the clubroom.
9. The homeowner is responsible for the conduct of his/her guests and proper behavior to prevent damage and excessive noise.
10. For violations by the homeowner or their guests of any rules and regulations, the right to use the Clubhouse may be suspended for a period of time to be determined by the HOA Board.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of the community and your neighbors. Please brainstorm about potential improvements as our goal is to invest in the Clubroom and provide upgrades that benefit our entire community. After completion of the trial period, community behavior and feedback will be assessed to determine if it will remain open or return to reservation only. For additional questions and concerns, please contact

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