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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the contractor place notices on the doors each time they are working on the building?

Not necessarily.  BGC will place a notice on each door 48 hours prior to starting a building.  This notice will provide instructions for the homeowner to prepare for the work being performed, i.e. pressure washing, siding repairs, caulking and paint.  BGC will also place notification on each door when door painting is being performed in order to have the doors opened by the homeowner to paint door edges.  If not able to coordinate this effort, door edges will be addressed another date and time.  Residents will not receive any other notifications from BGC.


There have been worker performing work on my building without my receiving a notice. 

A preliminary inspection was performed by our third-party consultant, identifying damaged siding and trim.  Replacement of these materials was included in the original scope of work.  The contractor is addressing many of these items ahead of the construction schedule.  No action is needed by the homeowner for them to perform these tasks, therefore, no notices are being placed on doors.


The contractor is no longer working on my building, but my fencing is not in place and there are areas that need attention.  How will I know that my building is complete?

A site inspection will be performed in the days following the completion of each building to identify any areas that require additional attention from the contractor.  Residents are encouraged to report any such items by forwarding them to  Fencing will not be permanently reinstalled until this inspection is performed and noted corrections have been completed.  There is no set timeline for building completion from start to finish.  This will fluctuate from building to building.  Once the punch items are complete and that building receives Final Approval, the homeowners will be notified.


Will the nail pops, uneven trim, etc. be repaired/replaced?

There are a number of defects from the original construction that would require major structural renovations.  The cost to correct imperfections in the original workmanship would be astronomical, therefore, not part of this undertaking.  This project is solely Exterior Painting, though a limited amount of rotted or damaged siding replacement has been included.


Will the half-moon and other plastic trim on exterior doors be painted?

The contractor has been instructed to paint the plastic trim on the doors the same color as the door.


If front door hardware is upgraded by the homeowner with a different finish, will the kickplate and other door hardware need to be changed?

Yes.  All hardware on the front doors must have matching finishes, so if you choose to replace the hardware, you must also purchase and install matching kickplate, door knocker, etc.  This falls under homeowner expenses.


Download this memo here: Community Paint Project FAQ’s – 7/31

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