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Announcing the beginning of home composting pick-up service for our community!

Yup, there will be bins up front near the Recycling Bins & the Dumpster.  Pick-Up Starts Thursday, April 2 and every Thursday thereafter.


Collect your daily food scraps and compostables (including meat, dairy, pizza boxes, and so much more) at home.  Full list below.

 Place in a container, separate from your trash and recycles

 Take to Composting Bins up front near Recycle Bins

 Place in the Black Bins, which have lock/unlock handle on top.

 The bins will be picked up and swapped for a clean one  each Thursday by



CompostNow collects and takes to their fields to compost into rich soil

The nutrient-rich soil is given to local urban farmers

This is called nutrient-cycling!

It’s sophisticated, it’s beautiful, it’s easy, and it’s incredibly impactful.


60% of your waste stream is compostable.

Composting saves  35% of usable land taken up by landfills.

Builds healthy soils

Supports the local food movement by donating to local farmers

CompostNow members divert over ⅓ of their waste from the landfills – over 500 pounds per household!


–Collect at home in counter-top containers.  These are inexpensive, in the $20 range, and can be ordered through Amazon.  They contain lids that trap oders.

–OR Collect in a small closable container in your garage, like a small trash can (use compostable bags to line the container, which you take to the bins)

–OR Collect in a compostable bag and store in freezer (no smells), then take to bins when full.

–We’ll have more to tell you about this in the next few days.


In the meantime, start collecting your scraps! 

(TIP:  print out this list and keep handy)


YES. Compostable – Put it in the bucket
• Fruit and vegetable scraps
• Meat, bones, fish products
• Pasta, bread, cereal
• Cooked foods
• Dairy products, egg shells
• Coffee grounds, filters, & tea bags
• Paper towels and paper towel rolls
• Soiled paper food packaging
• Pizza boxes
• Muffin wrappers
• Flour and sugar bags
• Paper plates
• Candies, cookies and cake
• Baking ingredients, herbs, spices
• Household plants including soil
• 100% cotton cheesecloth
• Pet food
• Items labeled BPI Certified Compostable or ASTM D6400 or D6868

NOPE. Not compostable –Put it in the recycling or trash
PLASTIC (unless labeled compostable)
Styrofoam meat trays
Aluminum foil
Clams, oysters, mussels (basically rocks)
Candles, synthetic corks and gum
Artificial flowers and plants
Rugs, carpets
Cigarette butts, tobacco
Dental floss and Q-tips
• Baby wipes
• Disposable mop sheets
• Dryer lint sheets
• Vacuum cleaner bags
• Hair, pet fur, pet waste
• Dead animals
• Fireplace or BBQ ashes
• Recyclable materials
• Items labeled biodegradable (meaningless)
• Items labeled Oxo-Biodegradable


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  • Liz

    Yay! Great job team! Now, where can I get those compostable bags?

    • GGEditor

      Liz, thanks! We appreciate your enthusiasm! We will be adding some more details about all this very soon – including sources and info on compostable bags. You can find lots of choices on Amazon (and we will try to locate some locally as soon as the virus passes us by). Just make sure they are truly “bio” – must be green and state compostable certification in their descriptions. There are “look-alikes” of course and many plastics mixed up in the selection. If you tell me what size you are interested in, I will give you a couple of ideas (for counter-top or freezer — or for small trash can in your garage?).

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