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First, We want to address concerns here about the COVID-19 impact on our community.

And please continue reading down to the fun stuff ahead!

Your Glenwood Green Board of Directors and Property Management Company is committed to being proactive and responsive to the needs of our community during this time. We are closely monitoring provisions for the ongoing health of our community.  This means, as you know, we have closed our gym, pool and pool area, and clubroom as recommended by health and governmental authorities.  We have noted you all are making a great effort to do social distancing as you walk your dogs, find some walking/running exercise in the community and retrieve your mail.   So far it is working:  we know of no one here in the community that has contracted the virus and we hope it stays that way.

We are also committed to maintaining our financial stability during these uncertain months. We expect a financial impact to our budget as some of our residents are experiencing financial strains due to job uncertainties and cutbacks.  We want to inform you that our finances are in good shape, our reserves are strong, and we expect to be able to handle any short-term impacts to our budget.

Having said that,  we don’t know how long the impact might continue.  We have been looking at ways to cut expenses for the next few months where we can.  As you no doubt realize,  the largest part of our budget is fixed costs in maintenance and utilities.  We have very few dollars budgeted for elective projects.  Here are some expenses we have decided to postpone or cut:

  1.  First, a lot of you have asked if the Painting Project will be postponed or cut.  The answer is NO.  The funds from the bank are given as a Capital Improvement.  We can’t place those funds into Operations.  If we don’t do the project, we would need to return the funds to the bank.  And just as important, the voting that you all did last Winter was a “mandate” for this project and no other use for the funds.  The good news is this project will add to the value of each of your residences.  So that’s a plus, isn’t it!
  2.  A plus of the Painting project is that needed woodwork repairs will be done in advance of the painting.  That includes all trim with caulking replaced.  We will not undertake any exterior trim repairs at this time in anticipation that this will be all done as part of that project (unless it involves water leakage).
  3. We are able to terminate our Comcast contract that services the gym, pool and clubhouse with tv and internet.  Although a small monthly expense, we now have free Google service to these facilities.  Isn’t that nice!
  4. The Spring portion of our three-year landscaping renewal:  we will do three small seasonal installs at the front of our community.  And we will install temporary timber and gravel steps just outside our new Beltline gate access to provide for safe access down the embankment.  The funds for the latter project come from funds provided by the Beltline granted for Temporary Easement work.  We will also repair irrigation leaks at the front of the property (inside and outside the gates) in order to protect our landscaping investments during the hot weather ahead.   However, we are postponing several large-scale projects that include tree replacements at the Western Fence, major bush replacements in various areas, and similar renewals.  We will re-evaluate our finances into the Fall when we can determine if the virus has run its course.
  5. .Landscape Maintenance:  We have worked with Davis Landscape to move to a twice/per month landscaping maintenance program instead of our current weekly program.  This will save us approximately 35% of the contracted cost.  The semi-monthly service will also limit leaf blowing to just pruned and weeding work.  Streets as a whole will not be blown.  We ask your help in picking up litter or other debris.  We think that the impact will be minimal since we are moving into the lowest season for leaf fall. We will re-evaluate in June as to whether to continue this through the summer months.
  6. Water usage:  As you may know, water is not only our most expensive utility, it is the #1 expense in our budget.  It represents almost 25% of our total budget!  We couldn’t have know when we prepared our budget late last year that the virus would be sending you all home for weeks, perhaps months.  While we haven’t received our first water bill since you all started sheltering, we expect you are using more water – more cooking, more laundry, more showers, even more coffee making!  A 10% increase in water consumption would see us paying about $20,000 more per month.  This is where you can help!  Please help us to not increase our consumption, but maybe even save a bit!  Cut down on long showers, maybe your laundry doesn’t need to be as frequent, don’t let faucets run while you shave or brush your teeth – we know you can come up with creative ways to help!  Your savings can have a big impact on our budget.  Rather than a 10% increase, maybe it can be a 10% decrease?  And remember, this is YOUR money you are saving.

Thanks to you all for are doing!  And to lift your spirits and get you outdoors for a bit of fun with social distancing:

The Refuge Red Coffee Truck was such a big hit, and we have decided to schedule a food truck!

Yumbii “Far Out Food” will be here at Glenwood Green on Monday, April 20 from 5 to 8 pm for your dining pleasure!   We can’t wait – the menu is awesome!  We are assured they have all the practices in place to make sure you have a safe, healthy experience.

You’ll see a link here to find their menu – tacos, quesadillas, burritos, even  Yumbii Philly Steak Sandwich and Sliders and more.

They encourage online ordering anytime up til 3 pm Monday, so they can plan well.  Walk-up the night of the event is fine too (credit card only for walk-ups).

Vegan:  Not on the menu but if you ask for it when you do an online order on Monday daytime (only), it will include corn tortillas and tofu as the protein.

The Truck will be parked in the same spot as the Refuge Coffee Truck – at the recyle area.  We will line up down the main drive on the Eastern side at safe social distancing.    Here’s the link for the menu and to pre-order:

FYI, Yumbii was one of the earliest food trucks in Atlanta, over ten years ago.  And Yumbii has kept all their employees at work during the crisis (they have both a food truck and a bricks-and-mortar site), but have also employed a few more previously out-of-work folks!  You can feel good supporting this great company.

Glenwood Green Social Distance Dash!

Because we all need to get outside and get a bit of exercise!

What:  A run/walk event or GG residents — while still social distancing!

When:  Saturday, April 25, at 8 am (Raindate Sunday 4/26/20)

Purpose:  Social distancing can be isolating, stressful, and frustrating!

Join us for a run/walk to combat isolation through outdoor physical activity and camaraderie.  We’ll social distance AND have fun.

Not a runner/walker:  Join the fun at the end of your driveway (with coffee cup in hand) and cheer on our neighbors!

The race course will be entirely within Glenwood Green, with staggered starts, and fun prizes for the winners in age and gender categories.

For race details, volunteer information and registration visit:

Open to Glenwood Green Residents Only

Resident Nancy Gimbel is spearheading this fun idea.   Thank you!







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