February 2020 Board of Directors Agenda

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Board of Directors Meeting 
Association Clubhouse
February 11, 2020 6:30 P.M. – 8:00 P.M. 

I.   Call to Order/Establish Quorum

II. Previous Meeting Minutes (emailed)

III. Public Comments (If any)

IV. Committee Reports:
A. Architectural Committee • Exterior Design Paint Package
B. Landscape Committee
C. Social Committee • Multiple Reimbursements Requested/Completed • Escrow Report
D. Community (SAND)
E. Clubhouse/Fitness Center Committee • Clubroom Policy Changes Review • Clubroom Rentals
F. Special Projects Committee • Safety Committee – To Condense and Recommend Improvements • Beltline – Temporary Easement Agreement •
G. Sustainability Committee (New)

V. Financial Reports

VI. Manager’s Report
A. Pedestrian Gate Repairs – Old Card Reader Malfunctioned – Replaced
B. 1003 – Water Loss Claim on Master Policy – Complete
C. 106, 403, 1301, 1401 – Squirrel Issues Related to Gable Soffits – Repaired
D. 204, 908, 1106 – Gutter Issues Reported Notified Gutter Cleaning Contractor
E. 2907 – Letter Sent to 585 Glenwood Place about Dumping Trash – Owner Acknowledged
F. 1710 – No Parking Stenciling Needed End of Driveway. Schedule TBD
G. Beltline and Dog Park Sign – Ordered Sign
H. Property Wide Gutter Cleaning – Schedule Tentative w/o 2/17
I. 1807 Trim Repairs – Complete (1808 Kamilah Hendrix – Complaint Call In)

VII. Old & New Business
A. Beltline Easement Agreement
B. Loan Application – Update
C. 1702 – Siding Trim Repair Bid – Bay Window Water Intrusion
D. Boutte Tree Projects/New Bid – Avilla Contact Info – Jetha Wagner
E. Google Fiber Install Update
F. Property Pine Straw Installation – $7,680.00 – 1,600 bales – Coordinating with Lyn
G. 2020 CMA Contract – Update Insurance Requirements/Language
H. USPS Mail Key Lock Box Memo – City of Atlanta

VIII. Executive Session

IX. Next Meeting Date(s):

X. Adjourn

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