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Welcome to February!  

Did you know our shortest month of the year has a Leap Day this Year!   Yup,  only 29 days –  but even so, lots of good things are packed into this month.  That  includes our monthly HOA Board of Directors meeting: February 12th at 6:30 pm in the Clubhouse.

The Agenda, coming soon, will be posted here:   https://glenwoodgreen.org/february-2020-board-of-directors-agenda/



The Architectural Controls Committee

under the leadership of Michelle Dixon is underway and planning for the Exterior Painting project.   More than ten residents attended the January meeting and enthusiastically selected the paint pallet of white, taupe, gray and black (black will be used for accent features only).  Paint schemes were narrowed with buildings broken down into end units and center units.  Colors will be selected for each with all center units being one base color, differing from the end units.  More details are being fleshed out, such as the trim details.

The committee is planning to submit recommendations to the Board within the next 30 to 60 days.  The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for Wednesday, February 19 at 6:30 pm.  All residents are welcome to attend.

Note:  If you are planning to replace your windows sometime this year, now is the time to get it done before the painting project commences!

Social Committee

Upcoming event:  March Madness with Beer Tasting.  How Perfect!  Save the date:  March 21 from 6 to 8 pm in the Clubhouse.

The Social Committee meets every month to plan out future events – come join the fun this month:  February 17, 6:30 in the Clubhouse.




Rain Delays!  We just want you to know we are on it!  Roof install, then Google install forced a postponement of the Fall efforts.  Though we got plants and bushes installed late this last year,  we need to now have the gutters cleaned and then we can put down the pine straw.  The delay of the pine straw is why you still see lots of muddy messes around here.  As soon as the weather breaks and the companies can schedule, both will happen!


New!  Sustainability Initiative!

We are creating this new committee to find more ways for our community to be sustainable!  Many tips, ideas, resources are available to the construction industry, to commercial buildings, individuals, even single-family communities.  It’s time to build resources that benefit condo and apartment communities that are already established.

We are will be partnering with the City of Atlanta and other local non-profits to build on ideas and resources.  And we will create our own initiatives within Glenwood Green as well.  There is much to learn from other cities who have already begun such partnerships.  FYI, we’ll be the first of it’s kind in partnering with the City!

We bet you are already making sustainable efforts:  using your own bags at the grocery, taking your odd recycles to CHARM or the ReStore,  composting with Compost Now, added a low-flow shower head, driving a hybrid.  But you know you can do so much more and we know you want to!  Save money and help the planet, too.  Let’s do this together and make a difference!

We will be building an email list for this committee along with interested residents who would like to keep up on the news.  If you would like to be added to this group, send your name and email address to:  GGEditor@gmail.com

Come join our first “brainstorming” meeting on Tuesday, March 3 at 6:30 in the clubhouse.  Come to listen, come to bring your ideas, (big or small!), come to offer tips or resources…. but come and support an important new effort.  (And we’ll be providing some beverages  – in compostable cups of course)!


Our Neighbor:  The beautiful Barred Owl


We caught sight of this guy (or girl?) high up in a tree beside the pool.  Probably 20 inches long, he’s a big one!  He’s called “barred” because of the multiple “bars” in brown tones across his body.  Maybe you’ve heard his hooting at night as he’s perched in a tree near you.  How soothing is that to fall asleep to.

Now that our trees are bare, you may be able to catch him staring down at you. Another happy reason for our expansive tree-sy community!


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