February HOA Meeting & Agenda

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Board of Directors Meeting
Association Clubhouse
February 19, 2019
6:30 P.M.

I. Call to Order/Establish Quorum

II. Previous Meeting Minutes

III. Committee Reports

IV. Manager’s Report

A. Door Painting Project Touch Ups – Final Invoice Discussion
B. Gate Receiver and Antenna Replaced
C. Replaced Yellow Tint Bulbs Around Pool – Secured Loose Fixtures
D. Motion Sensor Light Switches Installed Clubhouse Back Hall
E. Clubhouse Siding Rotten Siding – Flashing Repaired
F. Replaced Clubhouse Sink Aerators Toilet Valves to Lower Flow Parts
G. Clubhouse Hot Water Heater – Replaced
H. Fire Place Timer Installed
I. Put Grill on Regular Service
J. Dog Park Fence Repairs – Mulch Install – Schedule TBD
K. Clean Out Storm Drain/Install Rip Rap Retaining Wall 3000 Building
L. Haul Away Junk from Hall Closet – Complete
M. Gutter Cleaning Project Complete
N. Misc. Gutter/Roofing Repairs: 202, 1802, 706, 2402, 2505, 2506, 2002, 2706
O. Fascia Repairs: 2506, 3001, 2105
P. 706 – Bay Siding/Fascia Repair Project – Complete

V. Old Business

A. Google Fiber – Approved – Preconstruction Meeting TBD
B. AM Conservation Group – Customized Water Conservation Kits Offer
– Toilet Tank Bank, Flapper, 2 Aerators, $11.74/kit – $6 Direct Mail to Residents
C. Detention Pond – Retaining Wall Projects

VI. Financial Report (1/31/19)

A. 2018 Operating Surplus of $57,090.28 Put Into Roof Reserve Fund
B. Roof Reserves Put Into Various CDs
C. 2018 Tax Filing Being Completed

VII. New Business

A. Ray Engineering Roof Project Management Quote
B. Davis Landscape Quotes – Landscape Committee Review
C. Arborguard Tree Pruning Quotes
D. Back Gate Installation Quotes
E. Treadmill Repair Quote – Service Call 1/15/19 Quote
F. Pool Gas Heater Quotes (Updated)
G. Pool Opening Projects? – Utility Storage (Lyn), Pressure Washing, Cleaning, Paint, Signs, etc.
H. Visitor Parking Compliance Matters

VIII. Executive Session

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