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Coming Up:  February Board Meeting & Agenda,  Our New Little Library, Committees’ Info,  Community Tool Shed, and Parking Policy Revisited.  See more below!




Next HOA Board Meeting:

Tuesday, February 19 at 6:30 pm in the Clubhouse.  Open to all Residents.

Meeting Agenda, posted here:   https://glenwoodgreen.org/category/agendas/

January Minutes, posted here:  https://glenwoodgreen.org/hoa-board-meeting-minutes-january-2018/


Our New Little Green Library is installed and ready to provide you some quiet time under the trees with a good book in hand!  Resident Wayne Tharpe proposed and then built this stunning addition to our property and aptly name it  our “Little Green Library”.  How perfect!  Come take a look at his superb workmanship – And then borrow your next read (and yes, you can take it home if you prefer to read indoors, of course).   Or  donate one or more of your favorite reads.   Thanks, Wayne!  We’re ready for some spring weather under the trees!



GG Permanent Committees:

Here’s an opportunity to explore desires of residents and propose projects, do research and propose solutions for issues that need attention. Got some ideas?  Want to see a change in a policy?  A new project idea?  Learn more?

Your HOA Board has established a structure for discussion and input outside of scheduled Board Meetings.  Three Permanent Committees are established to accomplish this:   Social Committee, Landscaping Committee, and Clubhouse Committee.  Two are already in progress and have had meetings:  Social Committee under the leadership of Laura Hedelson, HOA Liaison is Blake Briese.  The Landscaping Committee’s HOA Liaison is Keith Covert.

The third, the Clubhouse Committee, will be concerned with the Gym, Clubroom, Pool and Mailroom.  If you are interested in joining this Committee or would simply like to be informed about an upcoming meeting, please contact the HOA Liaison, Michelle Dixon here:  mdixon3197@gmail.com.

All will be electing their own chairperson and work with an HOA Liaison.  In most cases, meetings will be held quarterly or more often as the committee decides, with reports & proposals carried to the Board.  Committees are open to all homeowners, and all committees will post scheduled meeting dates at least one week in advance on this website.  Residents are welcome at the Committee meeting whether as a “member” or  as an interested resident.  See the individual postings of each committee with updates and schedules as they happen, on the Members Area page under the Categories Section.

Community Tool Shed:

Just in time for Spring Yard work!  Want to do some tending to your back patio area?  Plant an azalea bush in your front yard?  Pressure Wash that green slime off your fence?  Go for it!  We’re establishing a Tool Bank to be housed in the Shed at the end of the Dog Park.  Over time, we’ll  be equipping it with common garden tools like shovels and rakes, small hand tools, and related equipment for you to borrow.  Oversight and implementation will be under the direction of the Landscape Committee.  In the meantime, got something you would like to donate to get us started?  Send an email to the HOABoard@GlenwoodGreen.org with info on your item to be donated and the Landscape Committee will follow up with you.  (And no tool is too small – garden trowels accepted!)


Parking Policy Revisted:

Last month we mentioned that the HOA Board has been revisiting the Parking Policy.  The primary concern is implementation in fairness to all residents.  Further discussion of this topic will be held at the February HOA Meeting, 2/19/2019.  If you have any input about the policy, please send your comments or suggestions in advance of the meeting to:  HOABoard@GlenwoodGreen.org.  And see you at the meeting to hear further discussion and/or action on this topic.

In the meantime:  Many residents many not be aware of the Parking Policy as contained in the GG Rules, or perhaps not visited it recently.  Here are pertinent sections reviewed.  The full policy may be found in the GG Rules posted here on the website on the Members Area page,  Categories:  Documents Section.

And if you find you have extenuating circumstances that may cause you to be in violation of these rules for short period of time, please email the HOA Board who will review your situation on a case by case basis:  HOABoard@glenwoodgreen.org

                                            Vehicle Operation and Parking
Vehicles parked in violation of any rule may be towed at any time, at the owner’s expense. (See notification
sign posted at entrance and by mail box). There are NO assigned parking spaces for any owner/resident.
1. NO PARKING in the roadway. Violators will be fined and towed or booted.
2. All resident vehicles must only be parked in the garage and/or driveway of your home.
7. Resident vehicles are not allowed to park in guest parking spaces at any time.
8. Guests should first park in driveway of home if available.
9. Guest may not park in guest spaces for more than 5 consecutive days and nights.
10. Guest vehicle may not park in guest parking for more than 10 days or nights in any one month.

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