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Note:  Please respond to GGEditor@gmail.com IF you plan to come to the meeting, listed below.  It is important that we have some idea of  the number of interested homeowners.

Hi Glenwood Green Homeowners,

You should have received your Annual Notice of Assessment from Fulton County within the last few days.  And are you unhappy, puzzled, concerned about that valuation?  And the implications of actual property taxes on your budget?

There are several reasons why I have decided to find a property tax consultant to help us as a Glenwood Green group appeal our assessments.  I have done this on my own in the past and, happily, won a reduction.  However, this time the situation feels different.  First, it’s a lot of work;  Second and more to the point:  it appears that there is a lot of room to believe that we may have a good case as a group because many of our assessments are inconsistent (too many differing amounts for similar properties), and Third, some the valuations exceed Fair Market Value in that no unit has sold for the amount listed.

And I believe I have found the right person to take us on:  Ivy Irwin with CCIS Property Tax Solutions.  She is local (lives and works across the street at Glenwood Park), has a wealth of experience with a large Fortune 500 firm in the past, is a former Executive Board Member of The Georgia Association of Property Tax Professionals. as well as now managing her own firm.

I have set a meeting for next Tuesday evening, July 2 at 6:30 pm in the Clubhouse.  The purpose is to meet as a group with Ms. Irwin.  All homeowners are invited.  She will discuss what an appeal process is about, how we can work together as a group to more powerfully make our case for assessment reductions, what we can and cannot expect, and talk about the next steps.

There is no commitment on your part to come and listen and ask questions.  At the end of the meeting, you will have an opportunity to:

  1. Join with other residents to sign a contract with CCIS to handle our group appeal;  or
  2. Not join in – and do an appeal on your own; or
  3. Decide not to challenge your assessment.

Costs:  If you decide to hire CCIS as your agent (every interested homeowner contracts individually), fees are based on a contingency:  If the appeal process results in a reduction of your taxes, you will pay CCIS 30% of the net tax reduction.  For example, if you get a $1000 tax reduction, you will pay $300 to CCIS.  (Other firms charge up to 50% of net tax reduction).  If you get no reduction, you will owe nothing.

In addition, there will be a small upfront retainer – in the neighborhood of $100-$200 (depends on number of residents who agree to contract with CCIS).  No other fees or expenses will be charged.

A few thoughts, in my opinion:

  • You have nothing to lose by appealing (other than a small retainer) and something to gain.
  • After an appeal,  your current assessment is frozen for 3 years, which is good to know given the escalating property pricing in our intown area.
  • You will have the efforts and expertise of a professional who has done this for many years.
  • You will have the benefit of a group of homeowners making the case more powerful than that of a homeowner working on their own.
  • She will do all the work for you that could take hours and hours on your own.
  • She has successfully handled many cases over the years that have resulted in small to large reductions in assessments and, therefore, net taxes.
  • No reduction is guaranteed;  and there may be in all likelihood varying amounts of reductions if successful (because of differing assessments, properties, etc.).

If you are interested but cannot make the meeting, you may still join up by emailing me your interest (see below).

For further information on CCIS, please visit their website at CCISpropertytax.com.

Note:  This is NOT a project of the HOA Board of Directors.  It is an individual effort on behalf of residents of Glenwood Green.

Lyn Deardorff


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