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Google Update, for those of you already signed up, installed, and having concerns about your service:

First, caveat: I am not technologically inclined – probably like a lot of you. But I spent the morning here onsite with the best of Google talent. I am very impressed with them, their knowledge, and know that they want to make Google Fiber work for us. I am also sure that Google has the latest technology, that that is what they are installing here, and it is superior to anything from the past.

Second, we all need to understand that Google has stated “1000 mbps” per all their Sales info. However, there are dozens, if not hundreds of reasons, why each of us will receive less than that. Let’s just say it starts there, then diminishes for all those reasons!  And this true for any provider you use.

Google in pre-assessments of our units (including visits onsite as recently as recently as last week to individual units) expected to bring the fiber from outside our unit into all our garages and to an installed jack that then would run through ethernet (CAT5) using our phone jacks. However, once on site and starting installation, it was apparent that this equipment is nearly 20-years old. It is dated technology. In some few instances, some units are getting acceptable speeds. But for most, it just doesn’t work.

So most units, however, are NOT installed using this old technology and are strictly WI-FI since the old ethernet was unusable. This gives us much slower speeds than an ethernet cable – and this I what most of us are living with right now. That is, by definition, slower than what ethernet can deliver.

Options: For many of us, the existing speeds we are getting is sufficient for our uses. I understand that something over 10 mbps is adequate for streaming. (REALLY! Who would have guessed! If we are experienced buffering, interruptions, etc. there are many other reasons for this than just speed). So this is even good for many of us working at home. If we are getting in the range of 100-300, that is more than adequate for everything (which we can expect with “hardwire”.

However, If you are having issues and want the benefits of a “hardwire” (ethernet) which will give us better speeds:

==Drop an ethernet cable, either by yourself, if you feel capable of doing this, or a contractor from main floor through the walls to the garage (where the outside Invisilite line comes in) which means a jack is installed on the main floor, the puck (white ‘router’) is plugged into this, and you will get increased speed. This has to be done by either you or a contractor, not Google. Some residents have already done this in the past.

==Run an ethernet cable (CAT5) from the garage to the first floor along the floor, up the stairs and along the baseboard, and connect the puck to this. (The puck is that small white device that replaces a router). This can be done by the Google Tech at no additional cost. We just ran a trial of this in our unit today and it greatly improved our speed and looks practically invisible. You are welcome to come see ours if you are concerned about the looks of this install. If you want to try this option, text me and we can do this over the next few days (if you are available at home):

==Have a third puck installed (you already get two for free) on the third level. The third one is $100. This means you will receive greater speed. And you can plug into the puck directly for all your devices if you wish, too, with a CAT5 connector (and you can do this with any existing puck – which is what your tv on the main floor is probably plugged into – take a look at the back of that puck!)

Beyond all that:
All devices get varying speeds. Be aware of this. For example my old computer on my desk maxes at 30 mbps (I didn’t know this, no wonder it’s slow!). It’s still fine for most of my uses, but it’s why it seems slower. You can find out what your device maxes out at here on the Google Help site:

If you are knowledgeable about internet, connectivity, all the issues involved (talking to some of you on Facebook today!)  OR  for those of you (like me) who are NOT, please inform yourself – lots of answers to questions on their help site and you can ask questions there too:

Finally, email me if you aren’t satisfied, need some help, need a tech to revisit. No, I don’t work for Google. But I am here for you to make sure Google makes it work for you.   They promised that! or 404 377 8010.

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