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Google Fiber – what you’ve been waiting for – starts Monday.  All owners should have received the schedule  Friday by email from Will Stanley, our Property Manager.

♦ All installation will be on the front outside of the buildings.  Crews will not need to access your individual units.  The fiber will run through a narrow conduit just behind the garage door recessed openings and across entry doors on the front of the buildings and connect to a box placed at the end of each building.

♦ You do not need to move your car from your driveway, but allow some set back from the garage door and for access with a 10 foot ladder.   PLEASE watch for crews if you leave by your garage (check your schedule to see when they are doing your building), driveway and also anytime you drive in or out of the property.

♦ Crews will arrive at about 8 am but will not start work until 9 am.  They may use small machinery which will shut down by 4 pm.  All work will cease by 5 pm.

♦ One crew will be working on the buildings (4-5 persons). All will be dressed in safety colors – easily identifiable.

♦ And a second small crew performing underground work  will consist of 6-8 people, all wearing safety colors.

♦ We will block 4 Visitors Spaces at the Clubhouse for the crew.  They may park on the curbs temporarily near an area they are working on as needed to off-load supplies.  All vehicles will be pick-ups or similar.  There will be no dumpster nor any storage of equipment on the property.

♦ There is minimal debris and clean-up. They will clean up as they go.

While the schedule shows work continuing until December 31, the schedule allows plenty of time and the expectation is the work will finish before that date, maybe even by Christmas.  Schedules will be posted on doors if there are schedule changes.

If you have any issues, please contact our Property Manager, Will  Stanley by email:

Lyn Deardorff, Board Member,  is available for emergency purposes only at 404 377 8010 and is on the property during most of this schedule.  Please use this only for emergency issues.

What We Don’t Know…..

……when this system will be operational, how much service will cost, how you sign up and any other questions about service.  Please contact Google directly about these questions.  We do know it won’t be immediately after installation, but we bet you’ll receive marketing info on it when they are ready to go live.

Thanks to Resident Philip Miller of Building 1100 who has honcho-ed (is that a word?),  pushed, pulled and otherwise made this happen!  We are indebted to him – otherwise it may just not have ever made it to GG!  Please give him a “hi-5” when you see him.


Your Community has re-elected Michele Dixon and Blake Briese and new member, Jay Sokloski  to the Board of Directors who will serve two-year terms.  Prior Board Member, Keith Covert,  has moved and did not seek re-election.  Welcome, Jay and thanks to all who have served on this past Board and all the volunteers throughout the year!  You met many of them at the annual meeting.  We count nearly a 100 who have lent a hand to make this a great place to live!

About 70 residents attended the Annual Meeting.  The PowerPoint presentation was a big hit and was followed by many great questions from our audience as well as more updates about the work ahead.  Watch for a newsletter and email about community finances for 2020 and beyond,  coming soon.

Next HOA Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 6 at 6:30 pm.  (Note:  this is a change from our regularly scheduled meetings on Tuesdays).  This is the “Organizing Meeting” which is held at the beginning of the year.  We will elect the Board Officers for the coming year, appoint Committee Liaisons, set the schedule for 2020, and conduct the regular business of the Board. All homeowners are welcome to attend and have an opportunity for input during the meeting.  The agenda is posted on this website a few days in advance of the meeting and all minutes are posted here following the meeting as well.

GG Tip of the Month:  Write your phone number on your white key card.  Then when you leave it on the counter while your checking your mailbox (yes, it happens!) or drop it in the street, we can get it back to you.  You can easily write on it with a fine point marker and some ballpoint pens.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….!

And speaking of new Board Member, Jay (Building 2800) :  If you don’t get around to the back drive at the corner on a regular basis, you may want to make a special trip to see Jay’s annual Christmas display.  It’s awesome – and he says he’s not even finished yet!  So you may have to check it out weekly!

We love all your holiday decor, folks – brightens our dark winter nights!  Thanks to you all!

Happy Holidays!  See you in the New Year!



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