HOA Board Meeting & Agenda – July 2019

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Board of Directors Meeting
Association Clubhouse
July 16, 2019
6:30 – 8:00 pm

I. Call to Order/Establish Quorum

II. Appointment of New Board Member: Victor Leslie

III. Previous Meeting Minutes (emailed)

IV. Public Comments (If any)

V. Committee Reports:

A. Architectural Committee
• Exterior Design Package Review – Cooper Carry Architects, Stephanie Allen
B. Landscape Committee
C. Social Committee
D. Community (SAND)
E. Clubhouse/Fitness Center Committee
• Purchasing outdoor chairs for the clubhouse
• Clubroom policy changes (WIP)
• Clubhouse Maintenance – Jowers: Light Bulbs, Clean Fans, Exterior Cleaning (Dust, Mud)
• Umbrella Stands, Corner Mud/Drainage, Schedule Grill Cleaning, Toy Clean Up
• Pool Area Lights – Timer/Photocell Location/Turning Off Movie Night
F. Ad Hoc Committees
• Community Yard Sale – August 17
• Security and public safety committee. To condense and recommend improvements.

VI. Manager’s Report
A. Clubhouse AC Condensation Pan Blockage – Ceiling Repair Work Order Opened
B. Fitness Center AC – Temperature Setting/Scheduling
C. Trash Broker Reassignment – Complete. No Service Change. $250 Monthly Savings Effective 7/17/19
D. Recycling Material Sign – Installed
E. 205 – Rear Irrigation Line – Repaired
F. 1501 – Bay Trim Repair – Scheduled
G. 1708 – Back Gutter Cleaning – Contractor Scheduling with Owner
H. Partial Gutter Cleaning Project – Completed Accessible Areas. Spot Cleaning Going Forward.
I. Paid Davis Landscape Improvements Invoice

VII. Old Business
A. Property Line Fence Clean Up/Property Survey
B. Detention Pond –Retaining Wall Project Quotes
C. Water Shut Off Valve Replacements – Findings/Quote

VIII. Financial Report (6/31/19)
A. CD Maturing 7/22/19 – Renew or Cash?

IX. New Business
A. Ray Engineering – Roof Project Package Review – Baldpates Contract
B. Aborguard Evaluating Replacement Roofs Planned for Roof Clearance
C. Pool Area Pine Tree – Arborguard Small Pines/Vines Approved. Schedule
D. Large Pine Removal – Not Approved by City per Arborguard
Estimated Tree Recompense: 1:1 tree, Est. $7k per Arborguard

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