HOA Board Meeting & Agenda-March 2019

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Glenwood Green HOA
Board of Directors Meeting
March 19, 2019 – 6:30 pm


I. Call to Order/Establish Quorum

II. Previous Meeting Minutes

III. Public Comments: Comments on Agenda or other items of interest to residents. 3 minutes per person.

IV. Committee Reports:
A. Landscape Committee
B. Social Committee
C. Clubhouse Committee
D. Ad Hoc Committees

V. Manager’s Report
A. 2907 – Tree Branch Fell Damaged Roof/Window. Roof Patched/Gutter Repaired – Tree Inspection
B. Arborguard Tree Pruning Project – Complete? Pay Invoices?
C. Fitness Center Cable Clip Missing – Repairs Scheduled 4/15
D. Back Gate Replacement/New Lock – Complete
E. Pool – Saline Conversion Complete, Passed Inspection – Open 4/15
F. Callbox Brick Repairs – Complete
G. Seasonal Color – Approved. Schedule TBD
H. Visitor Space Stenciling – Approved. Schedule TBD
I. Misc. Gutter/Roofing/Siding Repairs: 403, 2502, 701, 2907
J. Misc. Siding/Trim Repairs: 2002, 3007, 2304, 2305

VI. Old Business
A. Property Line Fence Clean Up
B. Detention Pond – Retaining Wall Project Quotes
C. Water Shut Off Valve Replacements – Findings/Quote
D. Google Fiber – Approved – Preconstruction Meeting TBD
E. AM Conservation Group – Customized Water Conservation Kits Offer
– Toilet Tank Bank, Flapper, 2 Aerators, $11.74/kit – $6 Direct Mail to Residents

VII. Financial Report (3/31/19)

VIII. New Business
A. Ray Engineering – Roof Project Package Review

IX. Executive Session

X. Next Meeting Date

XI. Adjourn



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