HOA Board Meeting Minutes January 2019

 In Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting
Association Clubhouse
Tuesday, January 15, 2019
6:30 P.M.

I. Call to Order/Establish Quorum at approximately 6:30pm.
In attendance:  Marc Bearden, Blake Briese, Keith Covert, Lyn Deardorff, Michelle Dixon.  Property Manager, Will Stanley

II. Previous Meeting Minutes Approved

III. Committee Reports
A. Landscape – Plans to meet with Davis Landscaping to gather recommendations for long-term landscaping
plan. Resources such as Trees Atlanta will be utilized for additional expertise as well as possible plant material
donations. The Committee will present a plan for consideration in the upcoming months.
B. Website – New web hosting company approved to provide necessary support as the website continues to
evolve. Services is provided on a month-to-month basis with no long-term contract required.
C. Gym – Minor repairs were made to one of the treadmills earlier in the week. The janitorial contractor will
focus on keeping the sanitizer wipes stocked.

IV. Manager’s Report
A. Door Painting Project – Unless homeowners report that punch items presented to the contractor have not
been addressed to-date, the Association will release payment for the remaining balance due.
B. Georgia Power LED Lighting installation is complete.
C. Fire Hydrant Inspection and Service was completed. Minor repairs were made.
D. Pine straw and seasonal color installation is complete.
E. Gutter Cleaning project is being delayed due to weather; however, is in progress.
F. Will Stanley reviewed a list of minor repairs and maintenance items performed around the property.
G. The transmitter on the entrance gate will be replaced on 1/16 after reports of intermittent communication

V. Old Business
A. Google Fiber – No change in status.
B. Back Gate Replacement – Pricing is being obtained to install a new gate similar to the front pedestrian gate as
well as a second option for a solid metal gate.

VI. Financial Report (12/31/18)

VII. New Business
A. Board Positions:
 Lyn Deardorff, President
Marc Bearden, Vice President
 Keith Covert, Vice President
 Blake Briese, Treasurer
 Michelle Dixon, Secretary
B. Community Parking Compliance – The Board reviewed the Covenants as they pertain to visitor parking and
curbside parking. There was open discussion among attendees regarding parking violations and ideas on how to
address homeowners using visitor parking spaces for their personal vehicles. It was agreed that controlling these
infractions will require a community effort and further discussion.
C. Beginning dialogue regarding Glenwood Green’s possible connectivity to the Beltline.
D. Future HOA meetings will be held every third (3 rd ) Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm, unless notified otherwise.

VIII. Adjourn

Filed by Michelle Dixon, Board Secretary

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