Homeowner Options for Paint Project

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Exterior Light Sconces
Glenwood Green maintains a moderate level of architectural uniformity throughout the community. A
standardized light sconce at the front door entrance has, historically, been required. The Architectural
Committee received Board approval for homeowners to purchase and install a new front entry light
sconce; however, the homeowner must select from the pre-approved lighting options on the attached.
These are recommended for back entrances as well. For those who may be interested in changing their
light sconces with one of the pre-approved options, this would be a good opportunity to do so. The
contractor will be protecting the existing exterior light fixtures prior to apply the new paint, painting
around the back plates. The homeowner may choose to remove their exterior lighting, whether new or
existing, for a more throughout painting behind the fixture.

Door Hardware
There is, currently, a variety of entry door hardware styles throughout the community as the result of
homeowner repairs and alterations. Although such alterations were not pre-approved by sitting HOA
Board members in the past, the current Board has agreed to allow the replacement of exterior locks and
hardware at the homeowners’ discretion with the style of their choosing. Keep in mind that the door
hardware, kick plate and door knocker must all have the same finishes – no mix and match.

Please see your official notice for Light Sconce options.




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