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More than 30 residents showed up Tuesday night to meet and hear Ivy Irwin of CCIS Property Tax Solutions present information for our planned Glenwood Green Property Tax Appeal.  A lot of information was shared about how the process will work, what methods CCIS uses to create the appeals, and what to expect (and what not to expect).  There is no doubt that customer service and integrity is first and foremost with this company.

There are three documents linked here:

  1. Authorization Form 

  2. Professional Experience, Sample Results Glenwood Park, & 2018 Market Statistics for Zip Code 30316

  3. Fees:  Sliding Scale

  •  If you decide to join the group appeal, you will need to print out the Authorization Form, fill out and sign it. Or you may pick up a blank form and envelope on the Clubhouse desk and drop in my mail bin – 2505.   You may return the form to CCIS by fax, by mail to address on form,  or you may place in an envelope and drop in my mail bin in the Clubhouse and I will hand carry them to CCIS.  All authorizations need by be returned, if interested, by the July 20 deadline.
  • Fees:  Ms. Irwin is offering us a generous reduction based on an increasing number of homeowners joining the appeal:  If we reach 30+ residents, the fees are the lowest:  a retainer of $100.00 plus  a lower 20% (instead of 30%)  of actual tax reduction.  For example, if CCIS effects a $1000 tax reduction for you , you will pay $200 + $100 retainer.  If no reduction is effected, you will have paid $100.00.   And your property tax assessment will be frozen for three years, a considerable asset in our area with rising home values. The fees assessed by CCIS are for the first year only.  No other fees or expenses will be billed by CCIS.
  • We expect that we will have the 30+ residents join the appeal so we are able to obtain the lowest level of fees.  But to make sure, please don’t delay in getting the form filled out an returned promptly.

A few thoughts as you consider joining the GG appeal group:

  •  You have nothing to lose but $100  (if we reach 30 participants)!  Your assessment cannot go up by way of appealing and you’ll end up with a 3-year freeze too!  And you may actually get a reduction!
  •  You will not gain any reduction unless you appeal either through this group or on your own.
  • You gain the experience of a professional who has access to extensive documents as well as years of experience handling tax appeals and having worked in tax offices.  By joining this group, you don’t have to expend hours crafting your own appeal.
  •  Once you appeal, you must still pay your property taxes with a noted discount of 15%.  When you receive your tax bill later this year, you should see a notification that this is a “Temporary Bill” or “Under Appeal”.  Eventually, once your appeal is settled, you will receive a final bill – it may mean a refund or you may have a small increase to pay above the 85% you have already paid (if your net total reduction was less than 15%).

Please don’t let this opportunity go by – if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me or call me: Lyn Deardorff: or 404 377 8010.  I am joining this appeal along with you all and have no other interests except to help us all find equity in our property tax assessments.

Remember:  Deadline is July 20.





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