How to Reserve the Pressure Washer or the Shared Tools

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The Pressure Washer and all HOA tools for sharing are located in the Shed at the end of the Dog Park.

To reserve the Pressure Washer, contact Wayne Tharp  404 862 1198. May we suggest you text Wayne well ahead of time if you want to use on the weekend – that is the busiest time. No fee for use, but you will be asked to sign documents agreeing to clean it after use and pay for any damages.

Wayne will supply instructions for use, there are complete instructions with the unit, and we will soon provide a video showing how to use it.  It is on its own cart and quite easy to move around.

GG is also building a “tool share” program.  Currently, there is a 6-foot ladder, a garden rake, and a branch lopping shears for use.  Call Wayne to access the tool shed for tool use.  And if you have tools to donate, please also contact Wayne and let him know.  Looking for garden & outdoor tools such as shovels, leaf rake, spade, etc. as well as indoor tools for home maintenance such as a drill & bits, handsaw, hacksaw, wrenches, etc.  Any and all donations appreciated!

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