January 2020 Newsletter – Vol 2

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2019 gave us exciting projects including new roofs, renewed landscaping installations, a salt-water pool conversion, and even Google (at last!).

2020 is starting off with a bang:     Confirmation of our Exterior Painting Project!

The balloting as required by our documents for the Exterior Painting Project has reached a majority of “yes” votes. An official letter with the final tally to all homeowners will go out after the January 17 voting deadline. The process to actually secure the loan is expected to take 30-60 days.  There are still ballots and a ballot box in the Clubhouse if you wish to record your vote.

What’s Next:  As promised at the Annual Meeting, the next step will be a meeting hosted by the Architectural Controls Committee , Liaison, Michele Dixon. This meeting will review some of the concepts for exterior painting choices as presented by our consultant. Further steps to coming to a final design will be explored at the meeting. The date of the meeting is Wednesday, January 22 at 6:30 pm in the Clubroom. All homeowners are invited to attend.

Board Officers & Meetings for 2020:
At our first Board Meeting of the year, we welcomed new Board Member, Jay Sokloski, elected officers,  set our meeting dates for the year, and confirmed Committees & Board Liaisons:

President:  Lyn Deardorff
Vice President: Jay Sokloski
Secretary: Michelle Dixon
Treasurer:  Blake Briese
Member at Large:  Victor Leslie

Board of Directors meetings will be the Second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm (formerly the third Tuesdays).  The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 11.

All Standing Committees have been re-affirmed:  Architectural Committee (Michelle Dixon); Social Committee (Blake Briese); Landscaping Committee (Lyn Deardorff); Clubhouse Committee & Community Committee (Victor Leslie); Special Projects (Jay Sokloski).

Adopt-A-Spot Underway

The Glenwood Green Board would like to get involved with the community in an environmental way. We’ve decided to help keep our neighborhood clean by becoming part of the city of Atlanta’s Adopt a Spot program.

We are adopting the block of Glenwood Ave SE between Bill Kennedy and our entrance. What this will entail is getting a few of us together once every month or two and picking up trash in this one block area. The city provides all the things necessary including bags, trash grabbers, gloves and reflective vests. They make pick up of these items very simple. After we have done two clean-ups, the city will put up a sign designating the block as adopted by Glenwood Green. We will be beautifying the neighborhood and getting some good PR at the same time! Our first clean-up date is in the works and will be published here and also on Facebook.   If you would like more info or to join the team, contact Laura Hedelson:   mama50joe2@hotmail.com

And A GG Tool Bank

Along with cleaning up our outside area, the Board has created a new program to provide tools for the community to share – at no cost!  First up will be a Pressure Washer.  Ready to get that green slime off your fence?  Clean up the spots and debris from your driveway?

Wayne Tharp, our resident “engineer”, who created our Little Library and other projects, has investigated the market for the best one for us.  Its electric (no worries about maintaining a more complicated gas one) and comes on a roll-around cart with needed accessories.  We will be storing this in the Shed (did you know we had one, stationed at the back of the Dog Park?).  And Wayne will be captaining the checking in ad out provisions for your use and help you understand how to use it.  As soon as we receive it and get the paperwork in place, we’ll let you know.  Are you going to be first up to try this out?

FYI, we’d be interested to know what other tools for home maintenance you’d like to see for sharing?  Leaf blower, gardening tools, tree pruner?  Let us know by email to the Board:  HOAboard@glenwoodgreen.org.   If enough folks are interested, we will consider adding to the Tool Bank.

GG Tip of the Month
Does your dryer vent look like this – the one on the right, which is full of lint.  The one on the left is clean.  Look on the wall outside your back door, and in some cases, it is on the side of the building.  If so, did you know you are living with a potential fire hazard? And because the line from dryer to vent is also full, your dryer works too slowly, takes longer to dry, costs more in electricity and can harbor odors.

It is recommended that dryer vents be cleaned once a year.  If you currently have an HVAC maintenance contract, you can check with the company about the cost to do this – it’s usually under $100, maybe much less.  And if you don’t have a contract,  you can find companies and costs in the Atlanta area on Google.  Protect yourself – and your neighbors – by doing this soon.   And BTW, most homeowners don’t know about this – so you are not alone!




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