January 6, 2020 Agenda

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Board of Directors Meeting
Association Clubhouse
January 6, 2020
6:30 pm

I. Call to Order/Establish Quorum

II. Organizational Meeting
A. Confirmation of Voting for new Board Member
B. Election of 2020 Officers
C. Committee Member Assignments: Confirmation of Liaisons, new committees, etc.

III. Previous Meeting Minutes (emailed)

IV. Public Comments (If any)

V. Committee Reports:
A. Architectural Committee
• Exterior Design Package – Cooper Carry Architects, Stephanie Allen. Payment Issued.
B. Landscape Committee
C. Social Committee
• Multiple Reimbursements Requested/Completed
• Escrow Report
D. Community (SAND & NPU)
E. Clubhouse/Fitness Center Committee
• Clubroom Policy Changes Review
• Clubroom Rental
F. Special Projects Committee
• Safety Committee – To Condense and Recommend Improvements
• Beltline – Temporary Easement Agreement

VI. December 2019 Financial Reports

VII. Manager’s Report
A. Insurance Renewed/Site Inspection Completed by Carrier/New Roofs Noted
B. Water Loss Claim on Master Policy Filed. Adjuster Scheduled with Owner.
C. Ga. Power Property Wide Light Pole Maintenance Request – Complete
D. Annual Fire Hydrant Inspection – Repairs Completed
E. Beltline Gate – Warranty Service Call Completed. Extended the latch catch/adjust hinges.
F. Compactor Dumpster Switched Out with New Container
G. Rat Sighting – Northwest Adding 4 Stations Area $30/month. Inspection.
H. Concerned about Squirrel Entry into Attic. Having Inspected.
I. Reporting Continued Dumping by Home Behind Unit
J. Property Wide Gutter Cleaning – Schedule TBD
K. Misc. Trim, Fence Repairs Completed – Complete

VIII. Old & New Business
A. Baldpates Roofing Claims/Retainage
B. Boutte Tree Projects
C. Google Fiber Install Update
D. Property Pine Straw Installation
E. Beltline and Dog Park Sign – Confirm Signage Verbiage
F. 1710 – No Parking Stenciling Needed End of Driveway


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