January HOA Meeting & Agenda

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Board of Directors Meeting
Association Clubhouse
January 15, 2019
6:30 P.M.


I. Call to Order/Establish Quorum
II. Previous Meeting Minutes
III. Committee Reports
IV. Manager’s Report

A. Master Insurance Policy Renewed – Annual Premium $61,491. Down Payment + 8 Installments
B. Door Painting Project Complete –Door Hardware Installed/Delivered.
C. Georgia Power Lights Installed
D. Fire Hydrants Inspected and Serviced – Minor Repairs
E. Pine Straw Installed/Seasonal Color Complete
F. Gutter Cleaning Project – In Progress Weather/Crew Delays. New Vendor Bids?
G. Squirrel Intrusion Reports – 701, 702, 2505, 2606.
H. Misc. Gutter/Roofing Repairs:
– Clubhouse Gutter Blocked, 1306, 201, 904, 905, 2006, 2801, 2301, 702
I. Replaced Bulbs Entrance Signs, Cleaned, Repaired Caps
J. Compactor Area – Clean Up Complete, Recycling Container Repairs
K. Back Gate Lock – Service Complete
L. Battery Back Up on Gate System Completed
M. Report of Front Gate Issues 1/11/19 – Notified PTR
N. Clubhouse ATT&T Line Repaired
O. Clubhouse Fireplace/Grill Serviced/Cleaned – Set Grill on Regular Cleaning Service?
P. Clubroom Heat Out – Dispatched HVAC Co. Fuse/Transformer Replaced
Q. Clubroom Carpets Cleaned/Clubhouse Windows Cleaned
R. Report of Gym Wipes Being Out – Notified Janitorial Company
S. Issues Reported with Treadmills – Service Call 1/15/19
T. 2019 Pool Contract Signed – April 15 – Oct. 31.
U. Gas Heater Repairs Needed est. $3,200 (2017)

V. Old Business

A. Google Fiber – Approved – Preconstruction Meeting TBD
B. Back Gate Replacement – Hold
C. Detention Pond – Retaining Wall Projects

VI. Financial Report (12/31/18)

A. Current CD Rates

VII. New Business

A. Board Member Roles
B. Davis Landscape Quotes – Landscape Committee?
C. Parking Compliance Reports
D. Glenwood Green Social Media
E. AM Conservation Group – Customized Water Conservation Kits Offer
– Toilet Tank Bank, Flapper, 2 Aerators, $11.74/kit – $6 Direct Mail to Residents

VIII. Executive Session
IX. Next Meeting Date:
X. Adjourn

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