July 2019 Newsletter – Volume 2

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Are you one of those who thinks “Life is Better in Flip Flops?”  I hope you are making the most of it as we enter the last month of summer.

And if you aren’t a summer person, well then – rejoice – as it’s going by fast!

NOTE:  NO HOA BOARD MEETING IN AUGUST.  The Board meets 10 months of the year and does not meet in August or December.  Minutes for the July meeting are now posted.  See the Members area, under “Minutes”.


Community Yard Sale
Glenwood Green is joining the SAND* Ormewood Park yard sale on August 17th, 9am-2pm. Our residents get a special discounted registration fee of $5. This fee gets your unit included on the official map and goes to support SAND and the trolley patrol. If we get a lot of units signed up, it will concentrate interest and drive a lot of people to come.

There are two pages you need to visit to join the yard sale. Follow this link to the  SAND Yard Sale sign-up page and fill out the form to get your information into the system. Then you need to go to the Yard Sale pay page which is where youi use the dropdown menu to select “Glenwood Green $5 USD”. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help before, during, or after the event please contact Keith Covert directly at  keithalstoncovert@gmail.com.

Before the yard sale
Gather up your stuff and then share the SAND yard sale Facebook event to let people know it’s happening. Consider teaming up with a neighbor if you have a limited amount of items and you both can share the fun.  The more people that come, the better it will be for everybody. Let’s show off our great community.

During the yard sale
The gate will remain open during the entire event, 9am – 2 pm. During this time, we will have volunteers from our community monitoring the front gates and walking around to make sure things are going smoothly. The volunteers will try to monitor all the vehicles and parking, but please do not hesitate to speak up and ask somebody to move their vehicle if needed. We do ask that you do this in a respectful way, of course. This is our first yard sale in a while so we will be doing our best to launch a first-class event.

After the yard sale
The Social Committee is hosting an ice cream social after the event is over. Starting at 2:30, there will be ice cream sandwiches and popsicles for Glenwood Green residents to enjoy. Please come out and tell us about how much money you made selling all the stuff you didn’t want anymore.

This is a good time for all of us to clean-up and dispose of unwanted items, whether you participate in the yard sale or not.  At the end of the yard sale, please take good items you no longer need to Charm or Restore. Here are links to the List of items Charm takes and List of items Restore takes. We are working to get a Charm and/or ReStore truck to come to Glenwood Green and if so, it will be available after 2pm of the yard sale day. Also, we are planning to have a rollaway dumpster on site starting Saturday, August 17th and lasting through August 25th. We want to give people a full week with two full weekends to participate. You may dispose of any items in the dumpster you no longer wish.

*SAND is the Southwest Atlanta Neighborhood Development, of which Ormewood Park is a member.


In the interest of health and sanitation, all pool toys left in the pool or pool area will be discarded at the close of the season.  You’ve probably noticed how dirty that pool toy box is getting!

So right now, we ask you to claim your toys, bring them home and store them in your unit when not in use at the pool.  Feel free to claim any of the “noodles” which were purchased by Glenwood Green. And beginning next year, continue to store them in your unit rather than at the pool. Toys left at the pool will be discarded as well as the pool toy box. Thanks for helping us keep a clean pool area.


Gosh, folks – we’re all adults here, aren’t we!  For the sake of those who may need information or reminders:  there are areas that are “No Parking” at anytime.  These include all our streets which are narrow and prohibit parking along them to allow for emergency vehicles.  These are considered “fire lanes” and are required to be so designated by the City of Atlanta Fire Department.

During the pool party recently, many vehicles were seen parking along curbs where no parking is permitted.  Cars are subject to being towed IMMEDIATELY!  (No towing notice required).  If that was your guest, you might find a very unhappy person having no car to return home in.  And a very expensive towing/storage fee.  Please remember to always make accommodations for your guests to park in your driveway, in visitors’ parking – or if none available, outside the gate on the nearby streets.


Liz Schultz of Building 1900 is a perennial volunteer that makes our place a better world. Not only has she organized and is heading up our newly formed Book Club, but she has been a dog rescue volunteer among other activities in the past. And now for more than two years, she is a volunteer at our nearby Atlanta Zoo. And as close as we are, Liz bikes regularly there for her assignments. Maybe a suggestion for your next visit?

Liz’s favorite area? The primates, which she took me to see on a recent visit and shared so much information about these “characters” and their personalities. We were even lucky to catch a monkey with her newborn baby in tow as she swung through the ropes in front of us.

I hadn’t been a visitor for quite a while, now that my kids are grown. So I was intrigued to not only catch up with all the happenings and improvements, but to hear from Liz about all the research and other good works going on there to protect and improve the lives of our wildlife. Suggestion? Visit the aviary area on your next visit – not a place you might normally think of, but so beautiful and so engaging!

I asked Liz why she is so committed to sharing her time as a Docent at the Zoo? She says that sharing information with guests about the animals personalizes their visit. It contributes to their understanding of the animals and their challenges, and the feedback from them has been that it makes it ‘real’. They then become more engaged with animals and, hopefully, conservation.”

Volunteer Programs:  Becoming a member and training for a day allows you to become a volunteer. One common assignment is Zoo Ambassador. You help with maps, questions about finding areas, working at specific sites of your choosing to answer questions, pretty much anywhere you want, Liz indicated. Other areas include the food prep area, the offices, landscaping, enrichment activities (craft projects for events like birthdays, etc.), or helping at events like Brew at the Zoo.. And with a bit more training you can sign up to work the Petting Zoo area – so you are hands-on with the animals. How fun would that be!

You can further your training to a five-day period and become a “Docent” which allows you to become an Exhibit Interpreter (speaking to visitors about animals at a particular exhibit and eventually an “Animal Handler” for public appearances and shows. Love animals? A great way to get time with your favorites! You don’t even need to have kids in tow.  And you can bike there!

Thanks, Liz, for all you do for us!

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  • Marty Robinson

    Thank you Lyn for writing this and all you do to bring the community together!

    • GGEditor

      Thanks, Marty, for your nice words. It is truly my pleasure – and I am loving how a lot of initiatives of the Board are bringing us together once again!

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