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Much is happening around Glenwood Green.  Read On to the Very End to hear about a fun, funny thing that just might happen!

Join us at the Clubhouse for our next HOA Board  of Directors Meeting.  It has been moved this month ONLY to the Fourth Tuesday, to accommodate some summer vacations:  Tuesday, June 25 at 6:30 pm.  The full agenda will be posted a few days before the meeting.  The Minutes from the May HOA Board Meeting are posted on this website, under Documents:  Minutes.   And you can always find it and past Agendas on the Bulletin Board in the Mailroom.

Inaugural meeting of the Clubhouse Committee will be Tuesday, June 11 at 6:30 pm in the Clubroom. All residents are invited.  Board Member Michelle Dixon will convene this first session as the Liaison to the Clubhouse Committee, and other Board members may be in attendance to hear from you. This first meeting is a “Listening Session” so now is your chance to voice your suggestions, questions, concerns, ideas – anything you want to talk about that includes the Fitness Center, the Clubroom, the Pool, and the Mailroom.  Best if you can come with ideas on how to solve problems or just make it better.  We’ve already got a head start this last many months with major upgrades to both the Fitness Center and the Pool.

Social Committee Happenings:  

BOOK CLUB FORMING – SIGN UP!   We would like to form a book club for Glenwood Green, and WE NEED INTERESTED RESIDENTS TO SIGN UP! No commitment, but we will be communicating directly with those members to set meeting nights, choose books, etc. We will likely meet once a month, on a weeknight, at the clubhouse. We may take turns bringing a light snack, BYO beverage, and spend at least a few minutes discussing the book. Then visit. (Any excuse to socialize!) We will likely start with general interest novels to interest the most people, but we are completely open to suggestions!

Email or call Liz Schultz at mslizschultz@gmail.com, 404-775-1230, preferably by June 15, if you want to join in! Feel free to suggest a book or two you have been meaning to read, and also list which weeknights you could probably come

Don’t forget to put the July 4th party on your calendar for the next party, and more movie nights ahead!

Summer is Finally Here – Pool Time!  We want to take a minute to remind you of a few key pool rules — and we know all residents support these!  And since we have no “pool police”  please police yourself – and clue in your guests.

  1.  1.  No glass, not ever, never anywhere in the pool area.   If you want to bring wine, beer or other items to the pool that are contained within glass, pour into a non-breakable container first.         Let me tell you a true story that happened a few years ago at another pool where I used to live.  A small group brought their six-pack of beer bottles to the pool and set them down besides the lounges near the pool.  It wasn’t long before there were a few single empties set down on the pavement  – and of course, it happened – one  bottle broke at the edge of the pool with glass falling into the pool.  The pool was shut down – and under City of Atlanta rules, the pool couldn’t be reopened until cleaned and re-inspected. It meant that the complex lived without a pool for about a month.  Need I say more?  We sure don’t want our summer fun to come to an end like this, do we?  Let alone the danger to us humans from broken glass.
  2. Did you also know that NO food or drink is allowed within 5 feet of (or in)  the pool   That is so you don’t contaminate the water with spills.  Please, that means no beverages in the pool either.
  3. Music – we all love the vibe of good music while having fun.  Just be respectful of your pool neighbors, and play at a volume just for your immediate group.  That means lots of small groups can enjoy their particular taste in music!
  4. Guest Limit is 2.  Bringing more than that limits the use for dues-paying residents – such as space, lounge chairs, etc. Please be considerate!
  5. Look closely – Book reading in the pool is probably okay, especially if you’re a member of the GG Book Club!  (see above).

There are other pool rules posted on the signs in the pool.  It might be helpful to review these as the season is now underway.

Landscape Renewal

Yes, it has finally happened!  Our Spring plantings were installed (most of them) this last week.  And our Green Team has been fast at work, watering day and night to protect these tender shoots from the hot, drying sun.

Luckily, we got a few minutes of rain last night and every bit helps.  But it doesn’t look like rain for several more days – and the summer promises to be hot and dry.  Jump in and help – use your hose or  one of the 30 new hoses installed at the end of many buildings.  Offer your Green Team neighbor a break.   YOU CAN’ T WATER TOO MUCH OR TOO FAR!  Hit your front yard, the neighbors’ yard, the pathways (maybe even yourself – feels great!).  You’ll be protecting our huge investment, increasing our Curb Appeal – and keeping Glenwood “Green”.

I know you all will give a huge thanks to these folks when you see them out beautifying our areas..  Here’s what’s been happening around the community this week:





1.  Green Team Member Ashley in the 700 building watering her new corner;  2. one of three drainage fixes and plantings;  3. Maria and dog Beans walking the vastly improved sidewalk area with liriope and creeping fig vines that will eventually cover the walls;  and 4.  a typical planting along one of the pathways.

And Finally…..

Goats Do Roam – nope, not the winery.  Maybe right here along our overgrown areas inside and outside our property.  Board Member Keith Covert is checking into the functionality of employing a goat herd and herder to chomp down our overgrown areas.   Think kudzu lunches, twiggy snacks – they’ll eat it all (not sure about tin cans though).  Keith will keep us posted for the viewing party if/when this happens!

You just never know what’s next at Glenwood Green!


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    Reminder: The pool closes at 10 pm. Please honor this – noise and music at the pool after these hours disturbs nearby neighbors. As you know, there are several buildings very close to the pool the residents certainly appreciate your consideration and need of “quiet time”.

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