June Newsletter-Volume 3

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Re-Opening the Pool & Gym

Good News!  The Pool has now passed inspection.   Now that the weather has turned hot, I know lots of you are wondering if the pool, as well as the gym,  will re-open.  The answer is yes to both.  The Board in conjunction with our Property Manager has been working on guidelines and rules following State Guidelines, the Department of Public Health, CDC, and other resources.

We are working on getting signage, sanitizers, and how to put social distancing practice in place, and more.  As soon as we have it all in place, we will post the rules for both facilities as well as sending out the information to you all.  Know that there will be limits on usage and hours.  We can’t tell you the exact date yet. We are hoping for the next week or maybe two.


Last Call for the Community Gardens

The team leading the creation of our Community Gardens has been fast at work.  Lots of planning and lots of decisions!  Building the raised beds is anticipated for mid-late July with Fall planting as early as September.

If you haven’t signed up yet and are interested, please let Coordinator Liz Schultz know asap:  mslizschultz@gmail.com.   Sign-ups after this initial organizing time will be added to a waitlist for future garden bed openings.

Note:  if you have tools of any kind to donate to the community tool shed, please let us know.  We are particularly looking for shovels and gardening hand tools.  Other tools are welcome too to help out with DIY projects.

Composting Update


1500 pounds!  That’s the total amount of composted food scraps and other compostable materials you sent to Composting Now during April and May – that’s only 7 weeks from starting in early April.  Imagine what a year’s total will be.  Your compost – when finished and ready – goes to local farmers and some of it will be coming back to our Community Gardens here at Glenwood Green.  How full circle is that!

Check out the sign near the compost bins to see what all can be composted – you’ll probably be amazed!


Fire Zone – No Parking Reminder

ALL DRIVES in Glenwood Green function as Fire Lanes whether posted with this sign or one of the Fire Zone Green signs or no sign on any stretch of roadway.  This was by order of the Fire Department when the property was developed for your safety.   Our streets are narrow and do not permit ease of operation for fire trucks or other emergency vehicles having to navigate around parked cars.

Cars parked on the street are subject to towing.  If you have a truck or other delivery vehicle that will need to park for longer than a few minutes (such as a contractor unloading materials and doing work at your unit), please have them use your driveway.  You should park your car inside your garage.  If necessary, you may use the visitors’ parking (notify the HOA Board for permission with car make, model and tag number) or, better yet,  use the streets outside the community for personal vehicles.  And just in case all visitors’ parking is full, our rules require you and your visitors to park outside the gates as well.


Owner/Resident Responsibilities

We get lots of questions about what owners can do regarding their units.  Or what responsibility the HOA has regarding individual issues with units.  This may help clarify which is which.  Not fun reading, but it will only take a minute to familiarize yourself with these:

Each owner/resident is responsible for the following maintenance and repairs as pertains to his or her unit:

• Cleaning of balconies, decks, and patios, rails and fenced in backyards, as well as maintaining the interior of the unit in a clean, safe, and sanitary condition.

• Repair of hot water heater and all plumbing in the unit. (Plumbing problems in common area are paid by the Association.)

• Cleaning and repair of window glass, screens, frames, caulking around exterior of windows, and all unit doors and entrance hardware (except for periodic painting of doors by the association).

• Repair of air conditioning and heating units, including all condensate lines (both inside and outside, including cement slab).

• Repair or installation of any utility service to a unit (gas, electric, cable or internet service).

• Obtaining and maintaining insurance for the inside of the unit (including all improvements) and contents therein, as well as liability insurance for damage to other units or personal injuries to other people if due to the owner/resident’s action or negligence.

• Interior unit pest and rodent control.

• Watering plants near the unit during extreme dry weather (check for county watering restriction guidelines and follow accordingly).

• If caused by the actions of the unit owner or his or her renters or guests, the unit owner will be responsible for damages to another unit or to the common elements and will pay for the cost of repairs determined to be the unit owner’s responsibility.

• Promptly report to the Association or its agent any defect or need for repairs, for which the Association is responsible.

Happy Summer, everyone!  Stay Safe And Help Each Other!

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