Last Week to Join Property Tax Appeal Group

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Some Important Notes:

  • The deadline is  one week away – Saturday, July 20 –  for joining GG’s Property Tax Appeal through our Property Tax Consultant.
  • We have reached the lowest tier for fees:  $100 retainer (to be billed at or after July 20 closing date) plus 20% of realized tax savings, if any (to be billed after appeals settled, estimated to be 6-12 months or more).  FYI:  in my research, I have found no other firm offering fees as low as these.
  • To realize a reduction in your assessment this year, you must either join our group or appeal individually. No reduction in assessment will be realized if not appealed even if other property owners similar to yours receive a reduction.
  • All taxpayers who appeal will receive a 3-year assessment freeze.  That is, your assessment will not go up and will not reflect the increasing values expected in our area over the next three years.
  • Those with the smaller footprints (under 1500 square feet) have the most to gain as many are valued at higher than Fair Market Valuation.
  • Those with the higher footprints and higher valuations have the potential of reductions as valuations are not consistent across the board among units.  And if satisfied with your “low” valuation, you will receive a freeze for 3 years to fix that assessment before valuations go up next year.

Forms are available in the clubhouse and you can fill out and place in my black bin there – 2505.  Or you can print out here and email to CCIS’s email address on form:   Authorization Form  

Make a decision today – We sure don’t want you to be one of those who end of saying “I wish I had….”.


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