March 2.0 HOA Newsletter

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So Much News!  So Many Happenings!

Social Events upcoming, Pool Changes, Welcome Maintenance Fixes, Landscape Changes and more… Continue reading to get it all.  This is a long newsletter, but well worth it!

March Minutes & April Meeting.  All the details can be found including the last meeting minutes here:  March Minutes.    The next meeting of the HOA Board is Tuesday, April 16 at 6:30 pm in the Clubhouse.

Pool News – Wait for it!   It won’t be long now.  The Board has recently approved two improvements to the Pool.  The gas heater will get fixed – we don’t know how long it has been broken but soon it’ll be able to warm the cool early season water and prolong use into the Fall.  And we will be upgrading to a Salt Pool filtration system.  If you don’t know about using salt  (as opposed to traditional chlorine), then you are in for a treat.  Salt systems are less drying and caustic for your skin and clothing;  cheaper to maintain;  and less corrosive to the system.  So, better for you and cheaper for us!  No date yet but in the works to get scheduled.  We will be completing this before the pool opens, so opening date may be delayed.  But it’ll be worth it!

Social Committee announces Upcoming Events:  The Social Committee is continuing their expansion of social events for the community. All are free and all residents are welcome!  Details/Announcements will be posted on Clubhouse Bulletin Board, GG Facebook Events page, and other sites:

April 18 at 7:00 pm  – Game Night at the Clubhouse: This will be a night of board games, card games, bean bag toss (weather permitting) and any other games people would like to bring to the clubhouse. It will be a very informal gathering and is BYOB.

  • April 22 – Social Committee Meeting:  Every 4th Monday at 6:30 in the Clubhouse.  Come join the planning fun!
  • May 4 – Derby Party:  In the Clubhouse, Details to come.
  • May 18 – Movie Night at the Pool
  • June 1 – Summer Kick-Off Pool Party
  • July 4 Weekend – Pool Party

Also in discussion are Book Club, Dinner Party, Garage Sale and other events.  Want to share plans, ideas, other suggestions?  Join the lively and fun Social Committee meeting on April 22 at 6:30 pm in the Clubhouse.

Maintenance & Grounds:
Tree Pruning for the year has been completed. A new back gate has been installed and it is in black metal, matching the others on the property (no more warped boards!).  Mulch has been added to the Dog Park, meaning you and your pup won’t sink into the dirt (unless the monsoons hit again!).

Landscaping Plans are underway for the Spring.  You’ll notice work being done soon in some front yards, along pathways, and replacement of turf with alternative ground covers in some areas, installation of more low-growing bushes in bare or open areas  ==  as we move to more sustainable/lower maintenance landscaping practices.  These landscaping changes will be undertaken as our budget allows and is part of a comprehensive multi-year plan.  So while these small changes are welcome, they are just a start!

More details abut property maintenance can be found in the meeting minutes.   If you are interested and/or want to make suggestions, you are welcome to attend or join the Landscape Committee which meets every 3rd Sunday at 6:30 in the Clubhouse.

Reminder:  No rentals or leases of any kind (except approved Hardship Leases) are allowed in Glenwood Green.  This means short-term or long-term – Airbnb, VRBO, renting to your cousin’s uncle’s sister twice removed – all are considered leasing and are violations of the GG Rules.  Even listing on these sites is prohibited.  Fines start at $1000 and go up from there.  It’s not worth it, folks.  And let’s not de-value our investments here by inviting rentals!

Visitor Parking Violations:
We’ve talked about this at the last 3 Board meetings and the last 3 newsletters.  Do we need to say more?  Apparently!  Thanks to those of you who are complying with the regulations. We now see empty spaces to accommodate our visitors. Great!

Reminder (if you need this):  Visitor’s Parking is for Visitor’s only!  A few of you think you can move your vehicle around, park intermittently – Nope!  You’ll get a courtesy notice first.  Then a towing notice!  Even if it has been days or weeks since your last notice!  FYI, that courtesy notice you get isn’t required by our Rules – so take heed if you get one!  A towing notice may very well be next!  And always, if you have extenuating circumstances, email the Board who will consider your request.

Happy Spring!  See you at Game Night, the pool opening, or book reading and lounging at our Little Green Library – meet a neighbor!


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