March 2020 Agenda

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Glenwood Green HOA Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, March 11, 2020 – 6:30 pm
Association Clubroom

I. Call to Order/Establish Quorum

II. Previous Meeting Minutes (emailed)

III. Public Comments (If any)

IV. Committee Reports:

A. Architectural Committee
• Exterior Design Paint Package

B. Landscape Committee
• New Account Manager – Jeannie Martin
• Pool Area Improvements Fence Line

C. Social Committee
• Escrow Report
• Pool Event

D. Community (SAND)

E. Clubhouse/Fitness Center Committee
• Clubroom Rental – 3.14.2020 Ducote

F. Special Projects Committee
• Safety Committee – To Condense and Recommend Improvements
• Beltline – Temporary Easement Agreement Payment
• Sustainability Committee (New)

V. Financial Reports

VI. Manager’s Report

A. Property Wide Gutter Cleaning – Mostly Complete – In Progress
B. 1700-1800 Gutter Issues Noted/Reported – Seal Seams/Missing Elbow
C. 601 – Roof Leak Repaired by BGC
D. 1702 – Bay Trim Repairs Complete
E. 1703 – Reported Water Intrusion – Notified Contractor to Evaluate with Owner
F. 904, 204, 2605, 908, 2302 – Misc. Gutter, Siding Sealant Repairs Complete
G. Tree Pruning – Beltline/Pool Area/1700 – Complete
H. Tree Pruning – 200-300 Fence Line – Schedule TBD
I. Community Pine Straw Application Complete
J. Beltline Sign – Complete
K. Beltline Easement Agreement Payment – TBD
L. Wheelbarrow/Paint Debris by Dog Park – Cleaned Up
M. 1710 – No Parking Stenciling Needed End of Driveway. Schedule TBD
N. Google Fiber Launch Event

VII. Old & New Business
A. 601 – Bay Siding Repair Quotes
B. Loan Application Approved – Closing Date TBD
C. Paint Project Management Quote Review
D. Paint Project Preparation – Patio/Deck Cleanup/Compliance
E. Pool Opening Projects prior to Opening? – Pressure Wash/Paint/Clean Grill, etc.
F. Pool Guest Limit Policy
G. Pet Compliance Matters

VIII. Executive Session

IX. Next Meeting Date(s):

X. Adjourn

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