March 2020 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

 In Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting
Association Clubhouse
Wednesday, March 11, 2020
6:30 P.M.

I. General Session was called to Order at approximate 6:30pm/Establish Quorum.
II. In attendance: Board Members Lyn Deardorff, Michelle Dixon, and Jason Sokloski, Blake Breese & Victor Leslie. From CMA – Will Stanley and Robin Cuson.
III. Previous Meeting Minutes Approved
IV. Public Comments: It was asked if the Landscape Committee would be addressing the Beltline access pathway. Lyn Deardorff explained that Landscape Committee meeting attendance had declined to a level where the decision was made to cancel monthly gatherings. The path does need to be addressed, so this will be assumed by the Special Projects Committee that is already working on Beltline related initiatives.

V. Committee Reports
A. Architectural Committee (Board Liaison – Michelle Dixon) • The loan for $600K has been secured and funds are in the HOA’s Reserve Account. The Architectural Committee met on February 19th and finalized the paint selections and the various building color schemes. They will wrap up a few loose ends and schedule a date to present to the HOA Board. It was confirmed that gutters and soffits will be addressed during this project. Deck surfaces are the responsibility of the homeowner and will only be considered for inclusion if funds allow.
B. Landscape Committee (Board Liaison – Lyn Deardorff) • Pine straw has been installed with a few pending touch-up locations. • A new Account Manager for Davis Landscaping, Jeannie Martin, has been assigned to the property. • Tree clean-up along the pool fence line was completed and we are working in conjunction with Avila’s landscape plan.
C. Social Committee (Board Liaison – Blake Breese) • The most recent Escrow Report was delivered from CAM for the Welcome Committee. • March Madness beer tasting event details are posted on the Clubhouse entrance. There were questions whether or not the current COVID-19 situation would affect this event. • There was an open discussion about the pool rules and regulations for number of guests. • The Social Committee will closely monitor future events being held in the common areas in order to curb any possible disturbance issues. • There were questions about the pool opening date due to a resident’s desire to host a Glenwood Green event to kick-off the summer. Will Stanley confirmed that this date is subject to inspections.
D. Clubhouse Committee (Board Liaison – Victor Leslie) • There is a survey forthcoming with regard to open usage of the Club Room.
E. Ad Hoc Committees:
• Community Outreach (Board Liaison – Victor Leslie) – The NPU has a live stream of meetings called Porch Press that provides remote access to meetings. There will be a special event called Coffee with a Cop on Wed., March 18 at Drip to promote positive neighborhood interaction with local law enforcement.
• Beltline (Board Liaison – Jason Sokloski) – Nothing new to report.
• Sustainability Committee (Board Liaison – Lyn Deardorff) – This new committee held their first meeting on March 3rd. Of the many initiatives discussed, they would like to introduce the possibility of composting to the community. The attendees of the HOA meeting were very intrigued. More details to come.

VI. February 2020 Financials – The loan balance was on the February Statement. There were no unexpected variances to report. The HOA remains in good financial standing.

VII. New Business
A. Gutter issues reported in buildings 1700 and 1800.
B. Unit 601 roof leak was repaired by BGC.
C. Unit 601 exterior siding repair quotes were reviewed by the Board and the proposal from Contracting Unlimited was approved.
D. Water intrusion reported in building 1700 that will be evaluated with owner coordination.
E. Misc. gutter and trim repairs performed.
F. Beltline signage on gate entrance was installed.
G. Google Fiber Launch Event a success. Many residents continue to contract with Google for service.
H. In preparation for the painting project, an open-top trash container will be brought to the property the 2nd week of April to allow residents to dispose of large items.
I. Prior to the pool opening, pressure washing, miscellaneous painting and grill area clean-up will be performed.
J. Pet Compliance – it has been reported that individuals are not picking up after their pets at the off-leash park. Anyone not picking up after their pet is subject to fines.
K. It was reported that some of the pet collection containers are in need of repair or replacement. Blake offered to secure more scoopers for the dog park.

VIII. Old Business
A. Parking stenciling at the back drive by the Western fence was delayed due to rain. It will be rescheduled in the near future.
B. The Project Management proposal for the paint project was reviewed by the Board. CMA will set up a conference call to clarify the terms.
C. The Board reviewed and approved the Equipment Share Agreement provided by CMA for use of the newly purchased pressure washer. Wayne Tharp will coordinate reservations.

IX. Executive Session

Next meeting date – Tuesday, April 21st. This and future meetings are now the third Tuesdays of the month

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