March 2020 Newsletter – Vol. 2

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Time to Smell the Roses — ‘er,  Tulips

If there’s any good news in this sobering time, it’s that Spring has sprung in our community.  We can get out outside – highly recommended by all the COVID 19 experts – and walk around our community.  Good for morale, good for exercise after a huge dose of cabin fever, and please share a smile with our neighbors (at a distance, of course)!

And Reality Hits Glenwood Green….

In Consultation with the HOA Board, the Social Committee and our Property Manager, we have made the following decisions regarding COVID 19 and our community.  These decisions are based on the fact that while the Clubroom receives regular cleaning, but there is no  extensive “sanitation” in place before or after events or resident use.  Add to this  the recommendation by the experts to avoid social groups of 10 or more:

–All Social Events for the next 30 days are cancelled.  This includes the Beer Tasting Event and the Book Club scheduled this month.  We will review and base future decision on forthcoming information about the COVID 19 virus.

–No reservations for future use of the Clubroom will be taken at this time.

–Open Access for residents’ use of the Clubroom will be temporarily suspended.

–The gym will be closed until further notice.  This is also being recommended by the experts as well as our management company.

–The HOA Board of Directors and Committees will have NO open meetings in the Clubroom.  All meetings will be conducted by teleconferencing.  Future  Agendas and Minutes of Board Meetings will be posted to the website, as always.

NOTE: The HOA Board Meetings have been permanently rescheduled from the Second Tuesdays of each month to the Third Tuesdays.


Spring Clean-Up!  Safe Home Project during your Sheltering At Home!

At our last meeting the Board discussed and decided to plan for a community-wide clean-up initiative in April.  We’d like you all to pay attention to your back patio and deck areas – take a good look!.  It’s a great time in Spring to clean-up, fix up after the heavy rains, mud and debris hitting our back areas.   And many of us have resorted to using these areas as mere storage areas – how unsightly for your neighbors!

So for all of us who find ourselves at home much of the time now,  and need to move away from the computer or  TV for a bit of diversion and outdoor air, how about this project!   We will be bringing in a dumpster for your larger items that need discarding and are not suitable for the dumpster or recycling.

And the new community-owned pressure washer is now on site and checked out – and ready for your reservation.  Use on your back patio, your fences (at low pressure please) and driveways.  Wayne Tharp, our resident volunteer, has checked it out and tested it.  He will handle all reservations and instruct you on it’s use.  FYI, it may look massive in the picture but it really isn’t – quite easy to move on it’s cart.  And it’s electric – so it’s also a lot quieter that a gas-powered one.

Ask Wayne how to use soap, bleach other products with the washer  to remove more grime.  Text Wayne directly for a reservation:  404 862 1198.  May we suggest you text Wayne well ahead of time if you want to use on the weekend – that will be the busiest time.  No fee for use,  but you will be asked to sign documents agreeing to clean it after use and pay for any damages.

We’ll let you know when the dumpster is scheduled to be here.  In the meantime, get a start  on those needed areas  – and break it into small tasks.

You know you’ve been wanting to get it done.  There’s no better time than now!


A lot of you are using plastic bags to collect and dump recyclables to the bins.  This is a NO-NO.  And it appears many of you haven’t been aware of this – til now!    Plastic grocery bags, plastic trash bags are NOT recyclable (Note:  you can recycle plastic grocery bags at various grocery stores).  When you put one of these in the bins, ALL  the contents are discarded by the recycling companies into landfills.  So all your efforts are in vain!

If you want to continue to use plastic bags, please dump your bag of  recycles into the bin, then take your plastic bag back home and reuse for the next load (or if contaminated, then put in the dumpster).

Alternative and great idea from one of our residents!  Buy a plastic bin or trash can.  Keep downstairs in your garage and place all your recycles in this,  as you empty them.  When full, take and dump into the community recycle bins.  A lot nicer than plastic bags falling all over your floor too!    You’ll also be avoiding one more kind of plastic that has to be disposed of – those grocery & trash bags!


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