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March HOA meeting – DATE CHANGE!  Our regular HOA Board of Directors meeting has been changed to one day later than its usual schedule due to business travel for one of our members.  It is now scheduled for  Wednesday, March 11 at 6:30 pm.  The Agenda will be posted in the regular place under “Members Area” as soon as it is prepared.




Your long wait is over!  Google will be onsite in our Clubroom next Thursday, March 5,  from 4 to 7 pm to provide info and sign you up on the spot.  Your installation (inside your unit) will be scheduled and you’ll be up and running!  They will also provide info on streaming services that you can subscribe to.

Note:  Google no longer provides TV service to new subscribers – Internet only!  Existing customers will continue to receive this, but not new customers.  And they suggest not buying any new equipment at this time – until your installation is complete. The Internet service is $70/month. Flyers detailing their services can be found on the lobby table in the Clubhouse – and also info on how to sign up (as of March 5) if you can’t stop by during these hours.



Come join our first “brainstorming” meeting  this Tuesday, March 3 at 6:30 in the clubhouse. Come to listen, come to bring your ideas, (big or small!), come to offer tips or resources…. but come and support an important new effort. (And we’ll be providing some beverages – in compostable cups of course)!

Read our posting about this new initiative in our last newsletter here:   Sustainability Initiative.  




This has been another busy week with as many as 4 different crews on the ground at one time.  But we are now nearly caught up!

–Tree  Trimming:  Our tree trimmers, Boutte Tree, have completed their work in three long days on site.  They finished the task along the Southern fence line which needed a bit more work beyond the start last Fall.  For the extensive fence line all along our Western Border:  at the lowest end, they removed dead, invasive, spindly trees and otherwise brushy debris.  Along the back of the Pool, the crew thinned out the tall pines, removing the weakest of these and a few dead ones.  Then they “limbed up” the remaining tall trees. At the more Northern end, the crew removed dead, invasive trees and scrub brush, and did additional pruning.

Plans are to replace with evergreen trees along the fence lines to provide dense screening from the new development next door.  Hollies and Arborvitae, for example, are under consideration.  The limbing up of the pine trees behind the pool will allow infill below and in between them to provide a high dense screen, blocking out much of the visual lines to the 7-story new buildings on our border.

–Gutter/Downspout Cleaning:  Another crew you may have noticed on our grounds cleaned our downspouts and gutters with a new system: vacuums!  This meant no crew climbing on our new roofs, increased safety for the crew and for us all too, and more efficient cleaning.  Bet you’ll see a difference now that we are ready for the next rains!

–Pine Straw:  The delayed installation of pine straw due to the roofing project, Google, the rains – you name it – has finally been completed.  It will really help cut down on all the mud on our rain-drenched paths and flowing out into our streets.  Note:  we have been working with the landscapers to modify the amount of pine straw and be more appropriately placed.  This is only moderately successful this time around, but we hope a good effort in the right direction!


A reminder to all residents regarding their guests:  we have heard from several of you that you have regular ongoing visitors throughout the months, for several days and weekends.  As you know, we have very limited visitor spaces.

The Parking Policy states limits for visitors of 5 consecutive days and nights, or any 10 days and nights in one month.  However, it also states:  Guests should FIRST park in the resident’s driveway if available.  During this last weekend, for example, a party in the clubhouse on a Saturday afternoon suffered from lack of parking in the Visitor’s areas.  Several of the spaces were taken by regular visitors.  While this may not be “illegal”, it would be helpful if we tried to help our one-time guests find spaces for the time they are here.

Let’s look to our own driveways when we have visitors for a few days, park our personal cars out on the street at least some of time,  and leave spaces for the infrequent visitor.  Let’s make them feel welcome!


Don’t miss vital messages and official letters by letting your Property Manager know of any changes.  Send them to Will Stanley:

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME starts Sunday at 2 am, March 8.  Turn your clocks one hour forward and enjoy more evening daylight!  Does this mean Spring can’t be far behind?


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