March HOA Board Minutes

 In Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting
Association Clubhouse
Tuesday, March 19, 2019
6:30 P.M.

I. Call to Order/Establish Quorum at approximately 6:30pm

II. In attendance: Board Members Mark Bearden, Blake Breese, Keith Covert, Lyn Deardorff, Michelle Dixon. Will Stanley, CMA Properties.

III. Previous Meeting Minutes Approved

IV. Public Comment:  Homeowners in attendance were given the opportunity to bring issues before the Board and other attending HOA Members.
A. A suggestion was made that residents be reminded that they can communicate directly to the Board via email –
B. Concern for unsatisfactory/absence of backyard maintenance by homeowners was voiced. In response, the Board will make backyard maintenance by homeowners a priority. Notices and potential fines will be issued to those not maintaining their areas of responsibility.

V. Manager’s Report
A. Tree Pruning – Arbor Guard will begin tree pruning next week (week of 3/25), weather permitting.
B. Door Painting Project – Contractor agreed to the requested 10% discount and the final payment was issued.
C. Dog Park – Fencing was cleaned and mulch installed.
D. Gutter cleaning and roofing/siding repairs performed.
E. Treadmill repairs made.
F. Gym door access reader was repaired.
G. Landscaping scope edited and delivered to Davis Landscaping.

VI. Committee Reports
A. Landscape Committee – Plans are being developed for plantings in void areas as well as locations where turf is no longer able to grow due to mature trees. Gravel paths will be cleaned up and refreshed.
B. Social Committee – The following has been identified for possible 2019 events: Pool Opening in mid-April; July 4th; End-of Summer event; Holiday event in December.
C. Clubhouse Committee – A call for volunteers and kick-off meeting will be forthcoming. Broadening the use of the clubhouse was suggested as a discussion topic for the Committee. This Committee will work closely with the Social Committee.

VII. Old Business
A. Community Parking Compliance – “Visitor Only” will be stenciled on the surfaces of all visitor parking spaces and parking restrictions will be enforced.
B. Quotes were reviewed for pool heater replacement and conversion to saline. The decision to move forward was unanimous. Will Stanley will investigate an option to use Sears for the equipment purchase and installation and Watermark, our current pool maintenance contractor, for the saline conversion.
C. Back Gate Replacement – Design was approved and the replacement will move forward.
D. Google Fiber – No change in status.
E. Beltline Access – No change in status.
F. Detention Pond Overhaul – Quotes were reviews. Project remains on Hold.

VIII. Financial Report (2/01/19 – 2/28/19)
A. Significant Variances: Grounds & Landscaping has a positive variance due to the timing of the contracted services. Repairs & Maint. has a negative variance due to miscellaneous building and property repairs. Total Operating Expenses are slightly under budget YTD.
B. Water usage continues to be over budget – over by $1,500 for a second month.

IX. New Business
A. Property Line Fence Clean – Reviewed quotes to clear out brush behind the fencing on the west side of the property. No final decision made at this time.
B. Pricing was obtained to replace water shut-off valves throughout the property. As a preventive maintenance project, it was cost prohibitive. The integrity of the valves will be monitored.

X. Adjourn

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