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Our March Board Meeting is this next Tuesday, March 19 at 6:30 pm in the Clubhouse.  Hear updates on what’s been done around here this last month.  And what is being planned (spoiler:  maybe pool heater? upgrading the landscaping?  beltline access?).  For the complete March Agenda, see here.


Both our January and February Meetings have been longer than usual as your Board Members undertake quite a lot of old and new business, including some initiatives.  To find out more about the month just past, look over the February Minutes, see here.  You’ll also find the January Minutes posted in the same section – where you can catch up on all the deliberations!



The Ormewood Park Makers Festival in our backyard next weekend!  The AJC calls it one of the 10 best late-winter events!  From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. March 23, the third annual street festival at the intersection of Delaware and Woodland avenues in Ormewood Park will bring together more than 150 local artists, live music, lots of good eats, and plenty of libations.
In addition to the artists market, attendees also can check out a number of workshops to get an in-depth experience in “making” something. A lineup of this year’s workshops are available on the website.  While the festival is free to attend, some workshops may require registration and a fee.  Bike Valet will be provided. Or an easy walk through our back gate!  Ormewood Park Makers Festival 


From time to time, questions pop-up about what to do with our “discards” – those items we can’t or choose not to re-sell.  Furniture, framed pictures, electronics, small appliances, kitchen equipment, left-over remodeling supplies….the debris of living well.  Some of these have ended up outside the dumpster,  hoping for a miracle disappearance.  That’s a no-no, of course.  There are some really good alternatives nearby.

First, if your item is furniture, remodeling or household equipment and is in reasonably good shape, check out the Re-store which is right nearby across Memorial Drive.  A non-profit that sells donated items at retail, sales benefit Habitat for Humanity.  And if you haven’t checked them out, this is a fun diversion for an afternoon and it will give you an idea of what donations they accept.  You might find something there to complement your condo or good for your remodel!   They have a very convenient dock in the back for unloading and helpful volunteers to carry it away.

If it’s not something attractive to Re-Store (and no one wants it – least of all you!), check out CHaRM – Atlanta’s “Smart Place for Hard To Recycle Waste”.  They take all manner of things: Paint, Household Chemicals, Electronics, Tires, Mattresses, Large Appliances, Smoke Detectors, Plastics, Paper & Magazines, Glass Bottles and Jars,  Metal, Furniture, Printer Cartridges, Textiles, Styrofoam, Bulbs and Batteries, Books, Musical instruments,  Sports equipment, Bikes, Textiles, Building materials.  Is that a long enough list?  Surprisingly, there’s even more they take than just this list!  Some items do have a very small fee attached.  All items will be re-used, recycled, re-purposed, or incinerated in a controlled environment.  Located just southwest of us at 1110 Hill Street.  Do check them out for hours of operation and more information if planning on taking items there.


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