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Did you know that May is “National Walking  Month?  A beautiful time to do it!  Check out the flowers blooming, the happenings in the neighborhood – have you walked our new Beltline Trail next door?  Yes, it’s still rough, but walkable! See what our neighborhood holds from its “backdoor” view.

And maybe walk to the Clubhouse for our next HOA Board Meeting?  6:30 pm, Tuesday May 21.  The full agenda posted here:   May HOA Agenda.   And past Minutes are posted on this site under the Documents section of the Members Area.


This Newsletter is all about Landscaping.  We have been telling you big plans are underway to improve/renew our landscaping.  And it’s starting May 27 with a huge installation!

What you’ll want to know:  there are multiple phases to our plans and this year we are primarily undertaking renewal of our front yards.  For Spring, you’ll see lots of fill-ins including monkey grass, liriope, daylilies, some creeping fig on the pathway retaining walls, some smaller bushes that are spring planters like the beautiful purple Lorapetulum and Gardenia.  And we’ll fix up the drainage areas on two walkways to stop erosion.  Our goal is to remove small patches of turf that border driveways  that just aren’t working, and replace with drought tolerant/dog proof plantings, as well as to cut down on pine straw (that just doesn’t stay in one place, does it!).

Come Fall, we’ll be adding lots of bushes in front yards and in the open spaces between buildings – again, cutting down on turf, erosion issues, pine straw, and the need to prune.  These are the bushes that need planting in the Fall after the heat of summer.  Overall, we are filling in with more green!

Not every unit will see some planting this year -we are concentrating on the most needy areas.  But you’ll note the overall appearance is more pleasing – and will definitely increase our “curb appeal”.  Year Two will see more changes coming too – all planned out to save our budget!

But We Need You to Make this Work:

If you’ve been in touch with the weather forecast you see we have a week ahead of 90’s  (that picture at the top says it all!).  Yup it’s still May, but Summer is in hot pursuit!  This is a massive planting effort and these tender new plantings need constant watering for a few weeks – and definitely during long dry spells ahead.  We are looking for you to jump in and join the “Irrigation Team” – our fancy way of putting together a hands-on, hose-brandishing group to make sure our plantings survive!

Join the Green Team!

How this will work:  We need one (or more) resident per building (that’s 31 folks please).  We’ll supply the hoses and there are outdoor hook-ups on each end of each building.  The hoses will be lightweight with a shower nozzle,  and easily maneuvered to water plantings in each of the front yards of your building.  You’ll water daily the new plantings for your building for the first week (because it is so hot out there) and as needed for the next two-three weeks (unless their is sufficient rain).  More details will be posted on the Landscaping Committee site on this website as we get underway.

Please consider jumping in – it will only take a small bit of your time to help the community look great and build sustainable gardens!  And this is a lot cheaper on all our budgets than installing a new expensive and disruptive irrigation systems!

Sign up here:  Please send us your name, your unit number, and your phone number.

We’ll use your email to contact you (phone number only for back-up).  If we get more than one volunteer per building, we’ll share your names and you can share the fun!

Speaking of Landscaping:  

Need more inspiration for your backyard?  Lee Anderson just completed this wonderfully minimalist backyard renewal this Spring.  Using pavers and the same dwarf junipers throughout multiple areas, Lee has created a setting that is fresh and low maintenance.  The unit is on the Eastern edge of our property which has the retaining wall with a high bank above it.  These plantings with mulch provide an easy answer to an area that is difficult to reach.  Only an occasional refreshing of the mulch every few years will be needed.  And the pavers provide for a surface that can take a dining-out setting if you so choose.  Many of our backyards are difficult to plant because of too much shade and/or tree roots.  Thanks, Lee, for sharing this with us.  I’m ready to join you on that shady swing!


Happy Memorial Day!  And welcome Summer!


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