May HOA Board Minutes

 In Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting
Association Clubhouse
Tuesday, May 21, 2019
6:30 pm

I. Call to Order/Establish Quorum at approximately 6:30pm

II. In attendance: Board Members Keith Covert, Lyn Deardorff, Michelle Dixon. Will Stanley, CMA Properties. Absent: Blake Breese. Marc Bearden stepped down from the Board over the past 30 days due to pending sale of his residence.

III. Previous Meeting Minutes Approved

IV. Committee Reports
A. Landscape Committee (Board Liaison – Lyn Deardorff) – Communication has been sent out via the website, asking for volunteers to water the new common area plantings scheduled for installation before end of May. Lyn Deardorff was given approval to purchase garden hoses that will be attached to spigots located on the building exteriors. The Board reviewed and approved Davis Landscaping’s Fall scope.
B. Social Committee (Board Liaison – Blake Breese) – The Committee is organizing Movie Nights at the pool for the Summer months. They continue putting together Welcome Baskets and hand delivering to new residents. Planning continues for a July 4th social.
C. Clubhouse Committee (Board Liaison – Michelle Dixon) – The fitness equipment and accessories were purchased and delivered to the gym. A meeting of the Clubhouse Committee has been set for Tuesday, June 11 at 6:30p.
D. Architectural Committee (Board Liaison – TBD) – Anyone interested in serving on Glenwood Green’s Architectural Committee should contact the HOA Board.

V. Manager’s Report
A. Tree around Building 300 that was missed last month was addressed. Diseased and dead trees removed behind buildings 2900 and 3000.
B. Back Gate lock was replaced and tension adjusted.
C. Trash Broker was reassigned for a savings of $250/mo. Compactor area was cleaned.
D. Visitor parking stenciling was completed.
E. Seasonal landscaping color was approved by the Board via email on 5/2/2019 and the installation was completed. Irrigation repairs were made.
F. Detention pond was mowed.
G. Miscellaneous repairs were performed around the property to include minor gutter, roof, and trim and siding repairs.

VI. Old Business
A. Roof Replacement Project – Ray Engineering is awaiting the two additional bids we requested to be submitted for review.
B. Property Line fence clean-up – On Hold.
C. Beltline Access – Progressing.
D. Detention Pond Overhaul – Project remains on Hold.

VII. Financial Report (4/01/19 – 4/30/19)
A. No significant variances to report.

VIII. New Business
A. Open Board Position– Residents who have communicated their interest in serving on the Board will be meeting with existing Board Members on May 30th to discuss goals for the community.
B. A/C Unit for Unit 102 is being replaced May 23rd and will require temporary fencing removal for access.
C. Trim repairs for Unit 1501 were approved by the Board.
D. The Board approved miscellaneous gutter cleaning for Units on an as-need basis.
E. Architectural firms used by Glenwood Green in the past are no longer providing exterior design services. A new firm will need to be identified to assist with future exterior paint selections.
F. New decals were requested for the recycle containers, listing acceptable materials.
G. The Board has requested that the use of storage PODs be outlined in the Rules & Regulations.
H. Next HOA meeting set for Tuesday, June 25th.

IX. Adjourn

Recorded by Michelle Dixon, Secretary Glenwood Green HOA Board of Directors

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