May Newsletter – Part Two

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 Food Trucks, Community Garden,  Virtual HOA Board Meeting & More!


Our regular Monthly HOA Board Meeting will be Tuesday, May 19 at 6:30 pm.  And just like last month, it will be a Virtual Meeting through Zoom,  and you’re invited.  You will find the agenda and how to join in at the Members Area: Categories: Agendas.  Send any questions in advance to




It seems that food trucks highlight our “social season” this year!  You love them and we love you supporting our local small businesses and their workers.

Sweet Auburn BBQ is onsite Thursday, May 21 from 5 – 7 pm.  They always get high marks in the food truck voting!  Think pulled pork, smoked brisket – and everyone’s favorite:  mac & cheese.    The flyers are already in the Clubhouse.  You may order online or just do a walk-up.  And Aisle 5, another of your popular choices, will be offering cocktails, wine and beer to complement your cuisine.   Thanks to resident, Brian Deerfield, for helping us enjoy our meals with a bit more “gusto”.




And our ice cream truck, Westside Creamery, will be back on Memorial Day – Monday, May 25 from 1-4 pm.  What could be better than ice cream on a hot holiday afternoon!  And if you weren’t here for their first appearance, well – you missed maybe one of the best of the food trucks!

Resident raves about their pound cake a la mode.  Tom went for it with Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream – how decadent can you get!




A group of GG residents is interested in establishing a Community Garden here at the western boundary, just south of the Dog Park. They will be presenting their ideas to the Board at the upcoming meeting on Tuesday   If you are interested, you will want to complete the survey and get on the future membership list asap.  This will ultimately be a membership only venture, paid for and sponsored by the members themselves.

Brooke Wilson has posted a survey online at Glenwood Green’s FB page:  Per Brooke:   “The idea is to build wooden raised beds in the area at the far west of the property, parallel to the BeltLine. The area is currently unused (covered in pine straw) and gets lots of sun. We plan to ask the Board to fund grinding the stumps in the area, but otherwise, it would be funded by interested residents. Are you one of them? 🙂 We’d love your input and feedback. Please take the survey!”   Find it here:   Community Garden Survey


Squirrels in your attic?  If not right now, very possibly soon!

We have lots on our property, thanks to our large mature trees and the warm winter. No, we didn’t post a cute little picture of these darlings! If you think they’re just “cute”, note this:  we have been receiving lots of emails about damage to units.  You may hear them in your attic and then sound the alarm.  But its more than just the noise when you are trying to sleep.  They can do lots of damage to your wiring besides chewing up everything in sight  – and raising babies right above you.

We would like you to be aware:

A:  It is the responsibility of the HOA to patch and repair any outside damage or intrusion.    BUT:

B. Once inside your unit, it is YOUR responsibility.  You may need to call an exterminator to find and capture the varmint!   And you will want to do this immediately before it does any significant damage.

Prevention?  This keeps them out or shoos them out, once in:   an electric rodent repellent.   A good one from Amazon is pictured at left that one of our Board Members has used and highly recommends.  There are also battery-operated ones, too.  FYI, Did you know you have easy access to your attic in your closet?  An ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure!

If you haven’t had an invasion yet, there’s a good chance you will!   Please seriously, everyone, consider some form of squirrel repellent before the invasion happens.  You’ll be glad you did (and don’t make us say “we told you so!”)




Stay Safe Everyone!  And Help Each Other!

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