Minutes – July 2020 Board of Directors Meeting

 In Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting
Web Conference
Tuesday, July 21, 2020
6:30 P.M.

I. General Session was called to Order at approximate 6:30pm/Establish Quorum.

II. In attendance: Board Members Blake Briese, Michelle Dixon, Jason Sokloski, Victor Leslie & Tabitha Brown. In
attendance from CMA – Will Stanley and Robin Cuson.

III. Previous Meeting Minutes Approved.

IV. Future of HOA In-Person Meetings – Robin Cuson with CMA provided an update regarding in-person meetings. The
Community Management industry is looking into how to address future HOA meetingsin light of the current pandemic,
particularly the Annual Meeting where elections are held and budgets approved by homeowners.

V. Tabitha Brown was introduced as the newest Board member, filling the open position.

VI. Committee Reports

A. Architectural Committee (Board Liaison – Michelle Dixon)

    • The first two building prototypes are near completion.
    • A design professional will be providing suggestions to enhance the current paint application moving
    • Feedback from residents and from the committee members are under review and consideration.

B. Social Committee (Board Liaison – Blake Briese)

    • No activity to report

C. Clubhouse Committee (Board Liaison – Victor Leslie)

    • The pool and gym are open to residents only. Signed waivers are required in order to receive access.
    • Residents are reminded to follow the guidelines and protocol put in place. Giving property codes to
      non-residents is strictly prohibited. No visitors allowed at this time.
    • The A/C unit serving the gym is scheduled for repair Wednesday, July 22nd.
    • Results from the survey for clubhouse usage revealed that residents want to see the club room open
      for general use when not rented for private gatherings.

D. Landscape Committee

    • Blake Briese provided an update on the Community Garden. The Board has approved the plan that
      was submitted. There have been 24 to 25 people sign up. The target date to get the project underway is
      around the first of August. Those interested in participating should reach out to Liz Schultz.

E. Ad Hoc Committees:

    • Community Outreach (Board Liaison – Victor Leslie) –Road construction on Bill Kennedy as well as the
      intersection of Glenwood and Moreland are underway. To-date, there has been minimal traffic

VII. June 2020 Financials – No significant variance to report other than a slight increase in water utility.

VIII. New Business

A. COVID-19 signs have been posted at the Clubhouse.
B. Handrail installed along the Beltline steps.
C. Timbers needed beside Building 3000 were approved.
D. Signage order for visitor parking area near the recycling bins so that the area will be clear of vehicles
when pick-up services is scheduled. Vehicles parked in these visitor spaces are preventing removal of
recycled materials and creating overflow.
E. Adjusting compactor pulls in response to reduced volume. This will provide cost savings.
F. Miscellaneous gutter cleaning and repairs performed.
G. Reports of HOA Board email communication issues will be addressed by service provider.
H. Glenwood Green website now being managed by resident, Abi Fidler.

IX. Questions from Residents: Residents participating in the web meeting were given the opportunity to send questions
electronically. Various questions and comments were addressed by the Board and by Will Stanley before adjourning.

X. Meeting was Adjourned at approximately 7:15pm

Next meeting date August 18, 2020.

Download a copy of the minutes here: HOA General Session Meeting Minutes 07/20

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  • Liz Schultz

    The Community Garden committee is not part of the Landscape Committee. We do still need a board liaison. The build weekend is Aug 8,9 and finish filling beds is Aug 15,16.


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