Minutes- May 2020 Board of Directors Meeting

 In Minutes


Board of Directors Meeting
Web Conference
Tuesday, May 19, 2020
6:30 P.M.

I. General Session was called to Order at approximate 6:40pm/Establish Quorum.

II. In attendance: Board Members Lyn Deardorff, Michelle Dixon, Jason Sokloski, Blake Breese & Victor Leslie. From CMA
– Will Stanley.

III. Previous Meeting Minutes Approved

IV. Public Comments: Questions and comments from homeowners who participated in the web conference were
received via instant messaging and addressed as received.>

V. Committee Reports
A. Architectural Committee (Board Liaison – Michelle Dixon)
• The bid package developed by G&M Engineering is under final review by the Board. The package will
be sent to three to five contractors. Proposals are due end of business Friday, May 29, 2020.
• Several homeowners have suggested that the brick monument signs be painted. We will ask for
pricing within the bid package to paint the monument signs as well as the brick portions of the entrance gates
and pool fencing. The cost of ongoing maintenance will be factored into a decision to paint the brick.
B. Landscape Committee (Board Liaison – Lyn Deardorff)
• Several landscaping projects have been deferred to the Fall due to the upcoming paint project.
• River rock was installed around drainage areas. Refreshed the rock in the paths.
• Seasonal color was installed.
• Liz Schultz introduced a proposal for a Community Garden developed by a collection of residents. The
Board voted unanimously to continue pursuing the feasibility of a Community Garden.
• The Board approved to remove stumps along the western fence line.
C. Social Committee (Board Liaison – Blake Breese)
• The Social Committee is assuming the coordination of Food Trucks, which has been a huge success
over the past several weeks.
D. Clubhouse Committee (Board Liaison – Victor Leslie)
• The pool, clubroom and gym remain closed until restrictions are lifted or lightened. The pool
inspection is still pending.
• A survey has been sent to gather resident feedback for future vision for the Club Room. Residents are
encouraged to complete the survey. Results will be shared next month at the June HOA meeting.
E. Ad Hoc Committees:
• Community Outreach (Board Liaison – Victor Leslie) – The City of Atlanta has adopted a program
called Vision Zero to lower speed limits in the community in order to reduce pedestrian incidents. The
reconstruction of the intersection at Glenwood and Moreland is ramping up.
• Beltline (Board Liaison – Jason Sokloski) – Steps were installed along the path from the gate to the
beltline. Railings are forthcoming.
• Sustainability Committee (Board Liaison – Lyn Deardorff) – Community Composting has been very
successful. Approximately 520 lbs. of compost were collected over a 3 week period

VI. April 2020 Financials – HOA dues collections remain in good standing. Expenses are trending positively.

VII. New Business
A. Google Fiber Contractor – Agreed to Reimburse for Irrigation Repairs $1,845.00 – TBD
B. Retaining Wall Inspection Report – Complete – No Change
C. Biannual Clubhouse HVAC – Service Complete – Plan System Replacement
D. Soffit Repairs – 201, 402 – Complete
E. Trim/Caulking Repairs Complete: 2002, 2302
F. Main Line Irrigation Leak at Backflow – Scheduled Wednesday 5/20
G. Compactor Pressure Washing – Will Remind Maintenance to Clean Enclosure/Drains
H. Dog Park – Gate/Fence Repairs – Scheduled. Need to plan for future replacement of the fencing.
I. Paint on Asphalt Visitor Parking Dog Park – Rescheduled to Pressure Wash Paint – 5/27
J. Pool Area Repairs Complete – Shaft Seal, Ladder Cups Replaced
K. The Board approved Davis Landscaping’s quote of $400 to service/clear the detention pond.
L. The Board approved new mulch installation at the Dog Park.

VIII. Executive Session

IX.  Monthly HOA meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month. Next meeting date June 16, 2020.

Recorded by Michelle Dixon, Secretary
Glenwood Green HOA Board of Directors






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