October 2019 Board of Directors Minutes

 In Minutes

Glenwood Green Townhomes
Board of Directors Meeting
Association Clubhouse
Tuesday, October 15, 2019
6:30 pm

I. Executive Session took place prior to the General Session.

II. General Session was called to Order/Establish Quorum at approximately 7:00pm

III. In attendance: Board Members Keith Covert, Lyn Deardorff, Michelle Dixon, Blake Breese and Victor Leslie.

IV. Previous Meeting Minutes Approved

V. Committee Reports

A. Architectural Committee (Board Liaison – Michelle Dixon)
• Phase I of the Roofing project is complete. Phase II of is underway with Phase III to follow. Schedules are being circulated via the Glenwood Green Website as well as posted at the clubhouse.
• The Architectural Committee will meet in the clubhouse at 6:00pm on Wednesday, October 23 to review the initial exterior paint scheme presentation from Stephanie Allen. Residents interested in joining the Committee are encouraged to attend.
• During the HOA meeting, an idea was introduced to update the community logo. The Architectural Committee will take on this initiative.

B. Landscape Committee (Board Liaison – Lyn Deardorff)
• The Board approved the tree trimming proposal, which will be scheduled after completion of the roofs.
• The pre-approved Fall landscaping will also be installed after the roofing project is complete.

C. Social Committee (Board Liaison – Blake Breese)
• There will be a community Halloween Party, Saturday, October 26th that will include costumes and pumpkin carving.
• The Glenwood Green Book Club meets every 4th Tuesday in the Club Room. All are welcome.

D. Clubhouse Committee (Board Liaison – Victor Leslie)
• The club room continues to be available to residents for daily use on a trial basis. The room is not available if it is being reserved for an event or large gathering.
• Coming Soon – rocking chairs for the front entrance of the clubhouse.
• It was agreed that residents could utilize the entry table in the clubhouse for purposes of fund raising opportunities as long as egress is not blocked and the foyer is kept neat and orderly.

E. Ad Hoc Committees:
• Community Outreach (Board Liaison – Victor Leslie) – SAND held elections at their most recent meeting and are asking for individuals interested in serving in leadership positions. The most recent meetings have been focusing on traffic issues, particularly along Bill Kennedy. There is also a community meeting on 10/24 at Trees Atlanta hosted by the Beltline Authority to discuss Path crossings along Bill Kennedy.

• Beltline – The Easement Agreement from Atlanta Beltline, Inc. was reviewed by legal counsel and comments returned to the Board. These comments will be forwarded to Atlanta Beltline’s representative. In the meantime, a pedestrian gate has been installed at the west side of the community for resident use only.

VI. Manager’s Report
A. Phase I Roofing Invoice and Engineering fees were paid.
B. Property-wide light pole maintenance has been requested. Georgia Power has a 3-month scheduling backlog.
C. The annual fire hydrant inspection performed in October revealed a defective hydrant and necessary landscape impediments. The Board approved the quote for hydrant repairs. Davis Landscaping will address the landscaping.
D. Fence repairs on the south side of the property were performed.
VII. Old Business
A. The 2019 Annual Meeting is scheduled for December 3rd. Elections will be held for Board positions.
VIII. New Business
A. The Board reviewed the 2020 Budget Draft, which included debt service on a proposed capital loan for the 2020 exterior paint project. Will Stanley, with CMA, will forward the Proposed Budget to all members of the HOA prior to the Annual Meeting.

IX. Adjourn

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