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Fall is here – finally!  And rain Sunday!  What a change, and none too soon!

Our October HOA Board Meeting is Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm in the Clubhouse.  Note a schedule deviation for this meeting only:  There will be a (closed) Executive Session at 6:30 and expected to last about 30 minutes.  The Regular Meeting will follow and is open to all.  The draft agenda (final available at the meeting) is posted here:  October 2019 Board Agenda. 

And a reminder:  be sure to update our Property Manager with your phone number and email address if they change.  We might need to notify you in case of an emergency.  But you also don’t want to miss out on those valuable emails!  Will Stanley’s email:  wstanley@cmacommunities.org


Social Committee – Upcoming Events

The recent wine tasting was a big hit.  And suggestions were made to do a beer tasting, maybe even some specific types of wine and beers in the future?  Belgian Beers?  Australian Wines?  I see lots of evenings ahead in the Clubhouse!

Our active Social Committee has scheduled some fun events coming up for the busy holidays ahead:


Mark your calendar for our upcoming Halloween Party:  October 26 at 5 pm in front of the clubhouse.  Some fun ideas in the works:  pumpkin carving/painting, caramel apple bar,
bingo, ring toss, apple pie eating contest, chalk tic tac toe, spooky music, costume contest, cornhole …. You get the idea.  Party to follow in the Clubhouse.



Glenwood Green will again take part in the Atlanta Food Bank’s Annual Can-A-Thon. This was quite successful last year – our residents donated two full crates of foods. The spirit of giving is alive and well in GG!   The Committee is thinking we’ll do this in time for Thanksgiving dinners this year.  Watch for an announcement and soon you’ll see collection boxes at the Clubhouse.  Share a bit of your holidays with our neighbors!



It won’t be long til we’ll be thinking Winter (really!) and Winter Parties.  The Committee has decided on a Winter Progressive Cocktail Party with a party in the Clubhouse to follow.  What a creative idea!

Set for December 7.  More details to come.

And more plans in the making .  Stay tuned!



Landscaping Plans: Our huge Fall Planting Installation is postponed until after all the Roofs are finished – of course!  We are now looking at mid-November. It is quite expansive and most units will see some installation.   One request of you all:  Our Green Team of some 40 volunteers needs some reinforcements to help keep our thirsty new plants watered. It was long hot dry summer – yes, we all remember well!   Fall plantings will need water too, but is expected to be less challenging.

We need some more recruits – especially in the 100-300 buildings (which will see Fall plantings during this round).  Suggestion:  talk to your neighbor and share the effot?  And if you can help share the load with one of the current volunteers, I know that will be much appreciated…and cut the time commitment in half!  Email Lyn here:  lynpeachtree@hotmail.com.  FYI, hoses are located at the ends of all buildings, are light weight and easy to handle.  These will stretch the length of most buildings.


Roofing Project 

And speaking of roofs:  Yes, we are in the middle of this huge project right now – just about the halfway point.  The Board would like to THANK YOU for your great spirit of cooperation and huge acceptance of the noise, inconvenience and schedule changes.  We are hearing great feedback that you are all so glad this is happening!  The Roofing Project, Landscaping Renewal Plans and soon-to-come Painting are part of the immense refurbishment going on here at GG.  And the Saltwater Pool Conversion, Beltline Access Project are some of the initiatives completed or underway.

If you haven’t been around during the day to witness all the “drama” of our daredevil workers climbing/flying/dangling over our roofs, we thought you might enjoy this picture. Look closely and you’ll note workers using ropes from the peak to maneuver around.



Annual Meeting 

The Annual Meeting of the HOA is set for Tuesday, December 3.  This is required by our Declaration and By-Laws.  You’ll want to make sure to attend this meeting.  Not only is the voting done at this meeting for three expired Board positions, but you’ll hear updates for what’s been happening all year as well as plans for 2020 and beyond.

You will receive the agenda along with proxy and other information by mail approximately 3 weeks ahead of the meeting.






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