Paint Project Update 9.11

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If you have a general question regarding the painting project, please e-mail If you there are issues with the end result of your unit, damage, or punch list items to be reported, please e-mail

Door Painting
The contractors will begin to paint doors on Monday, September 14. The attached schedule provides specific dates that have been assigned to each building. Those buildings without dates will be completed as part of the painting of the building itself.

If you are going to be home on the day you are scheduled, then place a sign on the door that says “I’M HOME” – this will alert the workers to knock and ring the doorbell so that you can prop the door open for the edges to be painted on the same day.

If you are not home or do not answer, then the doors will be sprayed during the week, and they will return on that Saturday to complete the edges. The initial date as well as the Saturday for edges are listed in the attached chart.

Unit Number Placement
We have provided guidelines for unit number placement below. These guidelines will help to ensure we have a consistent and cohesive look throughout the community. Please ensure you are using these guidelines as you add the new unit numbers to your building. As a reminder, your unit number must be updated by December 1.

4-number Units
Start at 5″ from the corner of the garage bay opening
1″ between bottom of number and top of the next.

3-number Units
Start at 8″ from the corner of the garage bay opening
1″ between bottom of number and top of the next.

Lowe’s – Hillman Distinctions –

Home Depot – Everbilt –

Building Schedule and Colors

Please review the updated schedule and color chart attached to this e-mail for specific information on your building. It is important to remember that this is the currently anticipated schedule, and is subject to change. If you notice that the contractors have started the two buildings ahead of yours, then please go ahead and take necessary measures to begin removing anything from your patios and decks. You will receive a 72-hour notice prior to pressure washing.

View the updated schedule here: gg-resident-schedule

Download the updated schedule:

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