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                 Sunday, August 26:    12 PM – 5 PM

We are having a pool/clubhouse party! We will provide some food and drinks and it would be great if you bring a side or dessert.

See this Spread Sheet to list what you will bring so we don’t end up with 20 different types of potato salad or 20 pans of rice krispies treats!

Facebook Event Page: 
Please RSVP via the event page so we can estimate food requirements.

Feel free to invite anybody in the community who has not been invited. If you have trouble seeing the event, please reach out to Keith or Laura and we will make sure we add you to the event.

Goodies provided
Burgers, hotdogs, veggie burgers, soft drinks, plates, some cups, utensils

Sign Up Sheet:  Items we would like for you to provide for everybody
Sides, desserts

Optional items: BYOB (no glass please)

Glenwood Green Social Committee

Yes, we have one!  Thanks to resident Laura Hedelson and new COA Board Member Keith Covert, we have a newly revamped Social Committee.  And they are responsible for our first event of the year, the Pool & Clubhouse Party above.

According to Keith, they got a lot of great feedback on the social and communication survey.

If you have not filled it out yet, please click here for the survey.  If you are interested in helping with anything, please indicate so on the survey – including joining the Committee.

Based on feedback received so far, Keith stated that the Committee will be moving forward with a few community-wide events including more events at the clubhouse and a movie night just to name a few. And they will give more advance notice of those events.

Keith and Laura thank you for your patience while they continue to get feedback.  And stay tuned for more!

Landscape Committee

While we are talking about all our “revamping”, the HOA Board would very much like to hear from those interested in working on the Landscape Committee.  You love it here because of the beautiful and well-done grounds.  But some of this is nearing it’s useful life and/or could use some updating with more sustainable solutions.

Some of the needs suggested are to create a long-term plan regarding tree replacements, grounds renewals, sustainable solutions and anything else the Committee sees that will improve our “Green” but needy landscapes.  Expert help will be made available.  Any experienced gardeners and/or landscapers among our residents?   And welcome those who just want to pitch in and learn.  Contact the HOA board and let them know you are interested:   hoaboard@glenwoodgreen.org

Dog Etiquette:

And while we are talking Landscaping, is this the time to remind all dog owners to practice good dog etiquette?

  • No dogs off leash (your dog may be friendly, but other dogs and people may have some issues with dogs approaching).
  • Please pick up those nasty dog droppings – there are plenty of stations around.  Hint:  carry a doggie bag on your leash and you’ll never be without one.
  • Have you been able to figure a way to keep your dog from relieving themselves on the shrubs, flowers and grass that abound?  Sometimes it only takes a gentle tug to move them to the pine straw or gravel areas.  Concentrated dog urine kills much, including the grass and liriope (that long “grass” that is planted in much of our limited common areas).  The Landscapes you save may be your own!

And here’s a picture of Mary Austin’s beautifully planted and tended area in her front yard.

Drop by 201 if you haven’t seen her creativity (and hard work)!

Thanks, Mary!



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  • Mike Gerber

    When is the party? I’m not on facebook.

    • GGEditor

      Mike, you so nicely didn’t call us out that we left out the date in the Newsletter – but I have now edited it. Thanks!

      It is this Sunday from noon to 5 pm.

      GG Editor

  • Rosa Conrad

    Thanks a million to our social committee!

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