Re-Roofing Schedule Update & Re-Scheduled HOA Board Meeting Date

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The roofing crew is confident they can do two buildings per day (weather permitting) after the first day ‘s roofing experience (Tuesday). We would all appreciate getting the job done in as short a time as possible, wouldn’t we!  So the schedule has been revised to reflect this new, faster schedule.

The new schedules have already been posted on the affected buildings’ doors for the Wednesday change – buildings 200 and 300.  All of the remaining buildings are expected to be posted with copies later Tuesday evening.

Emails have also been sent out to all the affected buildings’ residents.  And the schedule is posted on the clubroom door.  If you have any questions regarding the project, contact our property manager, Will Stanley:  wstanley@cmacommunities.

How about those guys … and yes,  women too!    Climbing all over those peaks and valleys in 97 degree weather….and not stopping except for lunch or an occasional water break.  I was astonished at their work ethic!

Here’s the revised schedule along with the original notice of Actions Required by Residents:

Attention Glenwood Green Residents
BaldPates General Contracting will be performing the first phase of the Glenwood Green re-roof project September 17th-October 11th. Dumpsters, material, and equipment will be stored in the guest parking in front of the clubhouse. All guest parking spaces by the clubhouse must be empty by 7 a.m. Monday, September 17, 2019, or vehicles may be moved by a tow truck at the owner’s expense. BGC will be onsite approximately 20 days (weather permitting) with crew working hours 7 a.m. – 7p.m., Monday-Friday.
200 & 300 (9/18) – Wednesday
3100 & 3000 (9/19) – Thursday
2900 & 2800 (9/20) – Friday
2600 & 2500 (9/23) – Monday
2400 & Clubhouse (9/24) – Tuesday

PLEASE REMOVE ALL PERSONAL ITEMS from the backyards and decks to minimize any potential damage to personal belongings. All personal property outside of your home needs to be removed until your building is complete. Everything on porches, laws, plants, furniture, yard art, lights, fountains, flags, etc.…
• Neither the Association nor BGC can be responsible for any damage to personal items inside or outside of your home during the project.
USE CAUTION! For everyone’s safety, please be aware of all crew members, equipment and traffic detours while driving in the community, entering/exiting your home, and when allowing pets and children outside.
• Keep all window blinds closed for your privacy during the project.
THE WORK WILL BE LOUD! Please adjust your personal routine and work schedules as needed for the day your building is scheduled.
ALL CARS MUST BE OUT of garages and driveways by 7 a.m. on your building’s scheduled day.
• A tow truck will be onsite each morning if vehicles are in the way. Owners will be responsible for any tow charges to move vehicles if vehicle owner can’t be located.
PETS THAT MAY BECOME ANXIOUS during the work due to noise should be taken offsite for the day or kept in an area of your home where they will be less likely to be impacted by the noise.
REMOVE ALL PICTURES off the top floor walls of your home.
PLEASE USE CAUTION AND BE ON LOOK OUT AND PICK UP ANY NAILS YOU MAY FIND. Crews will clean up nails and debris constantly, but please be mindful there may be nails on decks or in landscaping that are missed. We all want to prevent tire damage or injury to any children or pets.
ALL SATELLITE DISHES ATTACHED TO THE ROOF WILL BE REMOVED! If you have an active satellite dish on the roof of your home, please let CMA know prior to your building start date so the wires are not cut. Dish will be left on deck/patio of your home. Dishes are strictly prohibited on any building roofs or exterior building surface. Installation of a Dish on any building is prohibited and subject to a fine.
Report issues to CMA by emailing Will Stanley at

HOA Board of Directors Meeting Revised Meeting Schedule
As originally reported in our last newsletter, the scheduled Board Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 17, had to be postponed due to schedule conflicts.  The new meeting date is next week:  Monday, September 23, at 6:30 in the Clubhouse.  The agenda, when developed, will be posted online here in the Members Area under “Agendas”.  And a copy will be place on the Clubhouse Bulleting Board.

The Minutes of the last meeting are posted here on the website under Members Area “Minutes”.



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