Roofing Final Phases are Coming!

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This is a bit long, but please read it. It’s pretty important.

The Glenwood Green HOA Board has worked out an agreement with Baldpates Construction Company to complete what has been known as Phase II and Phase III re-roofing. All along, this was scheduled to run March to June of 2020. We are happy to move it forward and our reserve funds have made it possible to foot the bill, as well! We apologize for the last-minute notice but we have been busy working out the logistics to keep the momentum going. And we know you are too.

Due to the quality, efficiency and speed of this company, GG has asked them to offer bids to continue this work thru the Fall months. And we are happy that this will happen! Not only will everyone benefit immediately, it means also that we will have addressed the extensive rotting of the underlayment/decking that may be found in these new phases that had become apparent during the work of Phase I. This gave us an added incentive to pursue the project now rather than later!

You can read all about this company and how/why we chose them back in our September 2019 newsletter here.

Residents of the remaining buildings will be receiving a notice from Will Stanley, our Property Manager, of “Actions Required of Residents” as well as the Schedule of Work. You will receive this today. We anticipate work will start Monday, weather permitting. Note: We will be releasing a draft schedule of the entire work that is scheduled into early November, but after that we will be releasing weekly schedules ONLY for the buildings that will be affected during the next week.

Additional Tips & Suggestions we have learned from Phase I:
• The schedule will ask for you to move your car for 1-2 days. This is to allow for work that may not be completed in 1 day (and will be especially necessary on the larger buildings).

• The schedule may change, probably more than once! We need to be flexible to allow the contractor to due quality work and not rush them to a less than satisfactory end just based on a schedule. And, of course, weather may force changes as well.

• In addition to any schedule changes which will be posted on your doors (again, more than once may be necessary), a nightly notice will remind you to move your car the next morning if you are next on the schedule. If your unit is on a 2-day schedule you will need to keep your car(s) out of your unit for these 2 days and should not return during the evening of day 1.

• We will have streets blocked or re-routed during the work. We will be asking you to go around the perimeter when entering or leaving if you see a block or signage ahead including the LIFT (the big yellow machine) which may be in the street). The main drive will be blocked off some of the time to accommodate the LIFT and movement of the LIFT for units along that street. That means that the other side of the drive will be blocked as well since it cannot accommodate two-way traffic. And there will be one of the two dumpsters there part of the time as well. Doing this will actually help free up the main drive and driveways faster. CAUTION: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PASS THE LIFT IF IT IS IN MOTION: THE DRIVER CANNOT SEE YOU AND CANNOT GIVE WAY. NEVER DRIVE UNDER THE ARM OF THE LIFT. You might not believe that two drivers have already done this!

• You will find it very helpful to not be in your unit during the work on your building if at all possible: it’s loud, there is lots of debris including nails falling down from above, just outside your door which will make walking an obstacle course (and it’s not good for your dogs during this time either). If you do remain at home and need to exit your unit, be alert for falling debris from the roof over you, including nails on the ground. And please carry your dog beyond your driveway and tarps to avoid foot injuries. (Maybe this is a good time to make a play date at your local kennel for your dog).

• If your unit is ACROSS from a building being worked on, note that the LIFT may be blocking you sometimes during the day. It will be helpful if you will keep an eye on the schedule for this possibility (if you think you are going to need to exit during that day). There is also a probability that we will ask some units on the tighter drives to vacate their driveways as well, so the LIFT is able to turn and move freely. We will keep you posted when/if this occurs. Your unit may also experience some debris during the day (in the street and/or near your drive) which will be cleaned up at the end of the day.

• Do not plan on re-entering your driveway until after the roofing crew is finished and clean-up is completed (1-2 DAYS). This will usually be after 7 pm and sometimes later. It’s not good for your tires and you are impeding their work. (The crew works 7 am to 7 pm+).

• You may use any open visitor spot (except the ones at the Clubhouse) on the days your building is scheduled for work but there won’t be many available. Please do not park in of the open spots at the Clubhouse until all work is completed and the equipment is removed. We suggest you move your car in the evening so you don’t forget, don’t have to get up early, and may even grab a visitor spot. Otherwise, there have been plenty of available spaces outside the gate on Hamilton and Glenwood.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are expecting any kind of a delivery or home repair worker who will be arriving in a LARGER THAN USUAL delivery or pick-up truck, please notify us AHEAD OF TIME. This is especially true of moving vans or large appliance/furniture deliveries! They will not be able to access your driveway while work is being done on your building. Best would be to reschedule them for another day if it happens to be your roofing days! We will deal with the UPS, FedEX and other daily deliveries as we have done during the first phase.

• Your notice will ask you to address any concerns to Will Stanley. Please do not approach the Supervisor on duty. He has a job to do and is obligated to the Contracting Company, not us. Cleaning up is extremely good and efficient by the team. They take great pains to especially get all the nails (using magnets on special sweeps). However, you will undoubtedly find one or more that found their way into a tree and drops days or weeks, got stuck in a gutter elbow and flushed out during a rain storm, got caught in pine straw – take care in walking (especially your dogs) and keep a eye out and help all of us retrieve these little gremlins!

REMEMBER: This is of short duration, the team works fast – and you’ll probably never have to go through this again in your lifetime (at least not here!). Please be supportive of the team and help them finish quickly and carefully.



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