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September!   Welcome to the first month of Fall.    I think we all can agree it sure doesn’t feel like it yet!  I see a few leaves dropping but cool weather is yet to make an announcement!  Hang in there, folks – it has to happen sometime!  And it continues to be great pool weather, now open until the end of October.

First, our usual HOA Board Meeting is the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  As of a few minutes ago, we know it will be postponed and will not be Tuesday, September 17.  We will update you with the new date as soon as we have it!

In this Newsletter:

  • Community News Updates
  • The Beltline Project Meeting & Update
  • The New Roofs
  • The Clubroom open hours are starting
  • The Fall planting schedule

You’ll want to hear it all so we suggest you read all the way to the end!

Community News Update:

Yard sales, ice cream social and dumpster success!
August 17th had a lot going on around the neighborhood. People cleared out their unwanted stuff by selling it to other people or by throwing it away and then we topped it all off with a lovely little ice cream social.  Thank you to everybody for being understanding of the complex logistics of the day.  And thank you to all the volunteers who made it a great success:  Lindsey Kronmiller, Matt Horne, Liz Schultz, Nancy McCracken, David Harman, and Keith Covert. We will try to do this yearly if possible.

The goats are coming!
We are going to have goats clean out our detention pond. We may even do Goat Yoga while they are here but no promises on that one. This is part of a larger project to address the maintenance and upkeep of the detention pond in a proactive manner. The goats should arrive some time late next week and stay through the weekend. However, the schedule may shift around so keep your eyes over there. Feel free to invite your friends to come over and see the goats! We plan to have them all park outside the neighborhood since we will also have some of the roofing equipment on site taking up space.

Safety and security committee update
This committee was formed to be very proactive. We don’t have a safety problem in our neighborhood and that is amazing.   But we suspect that there are some things that we can do to make this place even better. We had our first meeting, with a strong showing of people to offer their input and volunteer to help coordinate things. Among the things we are investigating will be front entrance upgrades, back gate upgrades, general lighting, signs and traffic management, better processes for codes, better processes for keycard controls, and more! We are looking forward to bringing our ideas to the community once we have thought through everything a little bit. We will engage everybody at the right time. If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them with

Fall Planting/Landscaping Plans:

Part two of 2019 is coming.  This is the first year of our 2-3 year plan, updating our community landscaping.  Back in the Spring, we concentrated on the front of units (common areas) with those plants that could go in at that time:  liriope to edge our borders and small bushes that needed to be planted in the spring.  We had to defer til the Fall the majority of bushess that need dormant weather ahead.  That time is now with schedule to be mid to late October (after the roofing is completed).   We will be doing even more units this time around and promise it will be even more noticeable:  lots of bushes to fill in holes on front units like azaleas, gardenias and more liriope.  Plantings along or near paths continue with the bulk of this being deferred to next years’ budget.

And We Need You!  Our Green Team has been fast at work all summer long – and quite taxed by the extensive heat and no rain.  We need even more volunters to jump in for the  new areas plus relief for our current team.  If you can join us (and we suspect the Fall will be easier that this last summer was), we’ll supply the lightweight expandable hoses – and you’ll be all set!  Just email your name and unit number to  And if you already know the team for your building, offer to help and/or relieve them from time to time if you can!   Right now we just can’t water too much!

Clubroom Opening

The HOA Board heard you and is now instituting a trial run of Clubroom open hours for your personal use. This initiative is being led by the clubhouse committee under board member, Victor Leslie, and here’s his news:

Trial Opening for the Clubroom!!!
A common request among Glenwood Green residents is more accessibility to the clubroom. The clubroom should be a space that all residents can use. Whether you want to watch Monday night football or spend an afternoon reading by the fireplace, the clubroom should be a place where everyone feels welcome. With that in mind, the clubroom will be open for a trial period to the Glenwood Green community from Sept. 15th- Jan. 31st (code will be 9519).  As part of this effort, we are looking at upgrades to the clubroom. During this period, please contact and let us know about any thoughts you may have.

Please note:  this is for personal resident use only and is limited to 2 guests per resident.  Private events will still be scheduled for the Clubroom and posted on the Calendar, at which time the Clubroom is closed for personal use.

The full document created by Leslie and approved by the Board with further information, policy and other pertinent facts can be found here on our website under “Members’ Area/Clubhouse

Beltline Project Meeting & Update:

The first meeting of the Glenwood Green Beltline Project was held September 6 in the clubhouse.  A lot of information was disseminated including plans for a gate access at the Western boundary of our community to the trail.  You can access full details about the meeting agenda, pictures, plans and even diagrams on this website under “Members  Area/Beltline Project”.  I know you’ll want all the details – and you’ll find it all there!  This project is under the direction of our Board Liaison Keith Covert with grateful assistance of resident Brooke Wilson.


The New Roofs Are Coming!

The first phase of the new roofs starts this Monday, September 16 and will continue for 11 days (all weather dependent).  The first buildings scheduled are 100, 200, 300, 2400, 2500, 2600, 2800, 2900, 3000, 3100 and the clubhouse.  The remaining 21 buildings will be done in two phases in early Spring 2020 with expected finish dates by the end of June, 2020.

This is a major project for the community and has had the attention of the HOA Board for many months.  A third party engineering firm experienced in working with commercial roofing companies has been retained by the HOA.  They not only assisted us with the bid process but will be on site during the entire project to be an overseeing “eye”. As recently as last week, the entire team – Baldpates, the Engineering Company and members of the HOA Board met to finalize coordination and details of the project.  We are excited to finally see all the planning come to fruition!

Some notes for you all to know and consider:

We selected Baldpates General Contracting which was one of five bid packages submitted.  After review and conference we selected them based on their proposal, costs, and customer reviews.  This is a highly regarded team with much experience in commercial properties similar  to ours.  In addition to the normal manufacturer’s warranties, Baldpates extends the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty for the Roof System.

The best news: Your new roof adds immediate value.  Every resale generally asks when the last roof reinstallation happened.  Big deal in valuing your unit!  And a 40-year warranty to boot!  Bragging rights!

Coordination for the days onsite will be extensive between Baldpates and their team, as well as with the Engineering Company .  We have a daily schedule of each building  (1 building per day) with updates provided on a daily basis as weather may require.  Notices will be placed on doors  both for notification of the building to be re-roofed at 48 hours in advance and also as weather delays force rescheduling.  The schedule will also be available on the Clubhouse bulletin board.

This is a team that goes the extra mile in terms of communication, care, safety and professionalism.  For example, a lift bucket system will be used to both tear off shingles and to carry new supplies to the roof.  All access will be from the front of the units.  Care will be taken to contain all disposables within the bucket.  Regular monitoring will be conducted  to make sure any loose debris, including nails caught by magnets, will be caught throughout the day.

All homeowners affected have been notified about normal precautions that should be taken with their personal property.  This is particularly true of backyards/patios and decks as well as any personal items that may have been placed in the front of the unit.

All cars in the affected driveways should be moved as the unit is scheduled. It is suggested that you remove your car the evening before in order to avoid having to move it by the 7 am time deadline – make it easy on yourself!  And it is suggested any car garaged be removed the evening before, as well, if you intend to use it during the next day.  The crew may not be able to move equipment during the day to allow you garage/driveway access should you request exiting your garage.  Note:  Units that back up to the scheduled units but are not on the current roofing schedule may wish to remove all personal items from their backyards, patios and decks.  This is just a normal precaution.

The visitor spaces in front of the clubhouse will be used for both the dumpsters needed as well as the daily dropping of the extensive  roofing materials needed.  Notices will go up Friday evening to alert residents and visitors that all spaces must  be vacated by Sunday evening. This will continue during the length of the project, until October 1 ( or until the final date is posted, weather delays considered).  Plenty of spaces are almost always available outside on Hamilton Street, street across from us, or along Glenwood Avenue.

If you have any questions either in advance of the project, please address them to the HOA Board ( or our property manager, Will Stanley (  Please do not address any questions to the contractors … allow them to continue their work safely and efficiently.  Board President, Lyn Deardorff, will be available on site during most of the project schedule.  If an emergency, you may contact her directly at 404 377 8010.  But, please, emergency needs only.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation.  After all, this only happens once every 15-20 years!  The inconvenience and disruption is short and manageable with everyone’s support!


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