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I hope you are all having a fun holiday weekend – the last of the Summer!  Well, maybe not!  We all know summer weather continues into this month.  And good news!  The pool will be staying open later this year because — well,  because of the new heater installed this last Spring!  We know it will continue through this month, and possibly into October, all depending on when the cooler weather starts.  So more weekends to enjoy and celebrate the lingering days of summer!



And more good news!  The Clubhouse Committee headed by Board Member Victor Leslie is launching a “open clubroom” for residents to use when it is not booked for Community Social events or private events.  The final document is being prepared with all the details and will be sent out shortly.  This will be a “trial period” to see how it works, what needs to be tweaked, and how you all are using it.



AND even more good news!  If you are interested in the Beltline that’s just outside our doors (and who isn’t!), then you’ll be interested in this meeting coming up soon and planned by our Beltline coordinators, Keith Covert & Brooke Wilson:

Interested in an update on Glenwood Green’s direct access to the Atlanta BeltLine? Please join us Thursday evening, September 5 at 6:30 pm at the Clubhouse for a chat about discussions ongoing with the BeltLine organization, as well as our surrounding property neighbors. We’ll talk about both short-term (immediate!) plans while the BeltLine is still in development, as well as what needs to happen in the future to secure, design and build a permanent access entryway. All neighbors welcome. Board member Keith Covert and neighbor Brooke Wilson will lead the discussion.

Roofing & Tree-Trimming Updates

Lots of activity at Glenwood Green over the next several weeks.  The first ten buildings to receive re-roofing will start September 16 and expected to last about 20 days.  These buildings are 100, 200, 300, and 2400 through 3100.  In preparation for this, Boutte Tree will be on the premises this Wednesday and Thursday, 9/3 & 9/4,  trimming trees of branches from the roofs (both front and back yards).  Information to those residents affected by the tree trimming has been sent.  For all the rest of us:  note that they will be on the premises with trucks and lots of activity.  Please be the courteous and tolerant residents we know you all to be.  The details on the roofing project will be coming to those affected soon too – and we will update all the rest of you as to it’s effect on the community.  The good news is that this project, long-awaited, will be adding value immediately upon completion to your unit.  All units are expected to be completed by or before the second quarter of 2020.

Community Contributor

It’s amazing the residents we have here!  Each that we have profiled in our newsletters are contributing such differing work to our world.   And to this month’s Community Contributor the world is truly her base.  Amanda Atkins of Building 900 is a Forensic Scientist.  She is a civilian working with the military all over the world and is often gone on assignments six months at a time.

She has spent fifteen years working with the crime lab at Fort Gillem in Forest Park, ten of which involved criminal cases. The last five years she has spent engaged in expeditionary forensics, which is of an intelligence nature.   By the way, Amanda told me that the Defense Forensics Science Center based at Fort Gillem is the only one of its kind in the world that serves all four US military branches.

What does this involve? What does this involve? Examining materials such as bombs, destroyed vehicles and the like for fingerprints, DNA, chemistry and tool marks to determine the bomb maker. One such assignment was processing a truck’s undercarriage that was used as a vehicle-born improvised explosive device (VBIED). It was flown by helicopter to the lab in Afghanistan.

Amanda has been assigned all over the world including Afghanistan, Kuwait, Algeria, Pakistan, Mexico and so many others.  Her next assignment will take her to Djibouti in the Horn of Africa.

As a civilian Amanda does not wear a military uniform, but she is often seen in camouflage as she flies into hostile areas (see first picture, that’s Amanda in the center).  And just so you know kind of what she looks like, we include a picture of her caught in a moment of fun!

Thanks for your service, Amanda.  Proud to have you as one of our residents!

Editors Note:  Know another Community Contributor here in Glenwood Green?  Let us know and we’ll arrange another profile for our next newsletter.  Email:

Next GG Meeting:  Tuesday, September 17 at 6:30 in the Clubhouse.


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