Spring Clean-Up at Glenwood Green

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OUR SPRING CLEAN-UP  is now upon us!  I know you have all been waiting for this!  Let’s get started!

And some of you started weeks ago and are probably ready to sit back and enjoy that beer  === well, after you dump the last bit of that debris in the dumpster this week, of course.

So NOTE:  The large open dumpster is located at the Visitors’ Spots at the Dog Park – for all your broken furniture, discarded garden items, electronics that no longer work, whatever that took up valuable space on your patio, in your garage, and in closets.  All those items that are forbidden to go in our trash dumpster or too large to fit into it.  It will be here all week through the weekend and picked up next Monday, April 20.

As we suggested in an earlier newsletter when we posted this “event”, this is a great time to take a look around your space, especially your back patio and yard.  Have you just used this for a “dumping ground”? Do you see what your neighbors see?   While you are stuck at home (and probably bored), there is no better time to get it done!  Then when cleaned and sorted, how about cutting down those overgrown weeds, trim those bushes, rake up the leaves.

And while you’re at it, borrow the HOA pressure washer and clean your patio, fences (inside and outside, upstairs and downstairs) of that dirt and slick green goo.  And since you’ve now really gotten into it, take a minute to hit your driveway and front stoop.  It’s really quite easy to use. To reserve the Pressure Washer or borrow any of the tools in the tool shed, see the listing on the Members Area front page under “Categories:  Tool Share & Reservation”.  Currently, we have a 6-foot ladder, garden rake and tree lopper there, with more being added.

Now it’s done!  Doesn’t that feel good!

May we remind you that your backspace is your exclusive property to use and to maintain, just as in homeownership which conveys privilege — and responsibility.  As a “limited common element”, you get to plant it, have parties there, decorate it to your taste, your personal use.  And that means an expectation that you will take care of it, too.  Your driveway and front stoop is also for your exclusive use too.

FAQs (Because you asked…)

What’s a Limited Common Element?   That’s an area of the Glenwood Green community you have exclusive use of, as an owner of property here (a unit).  For each of us, that’s our “backyard” as enclosed by a fence,  the “sideyard” for those with end units enclosed by a fence, as well as the ground, and patio enclosed within the fenced area, and the balcony above it.  It also includes our driveway, front stoop, and any sidewalk that leads directly to your unit.

What’s My Responsibility for my Limited Common Element?   This is from the Declaration, edited: Each Owner shall have the obligation to maintain and keep in good repair all portions of his Limited Common Elements assigned to the Unit…This maintenance responsibility shall include…all glass surfaces (including exterior cleaning), windows, window frames, casings and locks (including caulking of windows); all doors, doorways, door frames, and hardware that are part of the entry system of the Unit, all portions of the heating and air conditioning system….In addition, each Unit Owner shall have the responsibility to keep in a neat, clean and sanitary condition any Limited Common Elements assigned to and serving his Unit.

The full detail of definitions and responsibilities of Limited Common Elements can be found in the Declaration, which can be found on the front page of this website under “Categories:  Documents”.

One Final Point:  We hate to end on a negative note but in full disclosure:  if the property owner does not maintain his Limited Common Element satisfactorily, then the HOA can take the action required to clean up the area and charge the costs of doing so.

So let’s get to it – beautify our beautiful property!  And enjoy our spaces in the best time of the year ahead of us now!   And the best part?  You can now cross this task off your list!

COMING NEXT:  Glenwood Green’s response to COVID-19 and a follow-up to the Refuge Red Truck!




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