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Parking for the Next 24 hours:  Please do not park in visitors’ spaces tonight and tomorrow (Friday evening through 3 pm Saturday). If you have your own visitors in town, please have them park in your driveway (always the first choice) or the streets outside the gate.  Let’s save the spaces for our yard sale visitors tomorrow and help them feel welcome.  The Visitors’ Parking area at the back of our property will be used for the dumpster coming in for our community clean-up campaign.   (And if you are one of our residents who use the visitors spaces to shift your own cars by parking overnite there, just a reminder that’s a No-NO!  You are subject to being towed).

Yard Sale & Ice Cream Social & Clean-up Campaign:  See all the details from an earlier posting this week.

Pool Toys:  The old storage trunk that has settled for many years on the pool deck will be removed today.  And in the future all your personal pool toys should be removed to your own unit after use.  This is to allow us to clean the area and keep it more sanitary.  NOTE:  some perfectly good “noodles” are to the left of the double doors on the pool deck – feel free to take one or more to store in your own unit.  Any left after the next week will also be discarded.

Next Board Meeting:  The HOA Board of Directors meets 10 times per year, generally skipping August and December.  However, this month we will meet in an abbreviated session without our Property Manager (so no Property Manager report).  And the meeting will be Tuesday, August 27th (the fourth Tuesday instead of the usual third Tuesday).  We do not expect to have a formal agenda.  We will be discussing current projects such as the roofs replacements and attendant tree trimmings, along with other anticipated projects by way of discussion about Cash Reserves expenditures for the next three years.  As always, this is an open meeting and all residents are welcome to attend.



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